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call button on google not working

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  1. mrootes

    mrootes Well-Known Member

    Ok, something irritating has started happening... Whenever I do a google search for a company, restaurant, etc often it will show a "call" button where I can automatically dial the number when I hit it. This also is a feature in google maps.

    But when I select the button, it no longer pulls up the dialer with the number in it - instead my PHONEBOOK opens up. Any clues what's going on?

  2. teddyearp

    teddyearp A guide with guides

    This reply is soo late, sorry. Are you running a custom rom? It sounds like you might be on a Gingerbread 2.2.3 based rom as it changes what happens when you hit the dialer. If so, there should be a setting in the dialer menu to change the default back to dialer.

    good luck

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