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  1. mikebgb4

    mikebgb4 Active Member

    Will the new evo 4g be able to call merge like the iphone? My buddy has an iphone ande is able to add calls to his line, merge others, 4way then leave us on that line while he makes another call or answer another. I hope the evo will be able to do this.


  2. cary328is

    cary328is Well-Known Member

    I got this from HTC's website based on the Hero's functionality:

    How do I set up a conference call?
    To set up a conference call make a call to the first conference call participant. When connected, press MENU and tap Add call, and then dial the number of the second participant. The first participant is put on hold when you dial the second participant. When connected to the second participant, tap the merge icon.

    I assume it will be the same or better on the EVO since this is from a 2.1 device

    Hope that helps
  3. mikebgb4

    mikebgb4 Active Member

    Thx for the info on the call conference. I was really wondering if when Im already on a call if I get a call from someone else -- will I be able to merge the second call from call waiting to the first caller like the Iphone.


  4. legacy

    legacy Well-Known Member

    Hope it's not limited to just two calls. I've had conference calls with 4 other family members before on my iPhone, and could see me doing the same once I switch over.
  5. staciasuperstar

    staciasuperstar New Member

    when you have completed a conference call, how do you drop one of the callers with the htc droid incredible?
  6. Jahmakan

    Jahmakan Well-Known Member

    I had an Incredible for 30 days and I must be stupid, but I could not figure out how to get this done like I did on my iPhone. Anyone?
  7. sjones302

    sjones302 Active Member

    i haven't gotten this to work yet on the evo. I always end up dropping both calls.
  8. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    this is not a phone feature but a carrier specific feature. sprints network has to be set up to allow one to be on a call and ,say, have call waiting come in, then ADD the call waiting to the original call for conference. thats a carrier network feature.. has nothing to do with the phone having a certain ROM or update.

    i dont think sprints network does this. the only thing you can do on sprint is make a conference call by calling a person, put on hold, then add another person. no merging calls or dropping a specific call. the folks you call must hang up on their own...
  9. Colorado_Al

    Colorado_Al Well-Known Member

    CDMA (which Sprint's voice circuits run on) has a 2 call limit. It is a limitation of the technology.
  10. Mixelplux

    Mixelplux Active Member

    As someone coming from GSM service I'm very disappointed the lack of flexibility in the call conference features with sprint. Unless I'm missing out on something, the only way to merge call is to make both calls yourself. If someone call you while you're already on the phone - there is no way of merging that. Also when 1 of the person hangs up during a conference or calling waiting - it doesn't actually show they hang up. Does anybody know any work around or solutions or do I just have to take it as it is?

    Thank you
  11. freeza

    freeza Well-Known Member

    It's the way CDMA works. You can't do anything about it.
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  12. Colorado_Al

    Colorado_Al Well-Known Member

    He's right. It is a limitation of the CDMA network. Additionally, you can only have 2 calls at one time. On GSM the limit is higher. You're still within your 30 day return window if it is a deal breaker for you.
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  13. Jahmakan

    Jahmakan Well-Known Member

    Wow! I really did not know that; I learnt something new today.
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  14. Mixelplux

    Mixelplux Active Member

    Does those conference calls app in the market help? Anybody experienced them? =P
  15. Upright

    Upright Well-Known Member

    Once I get an incoming call(while already on a call)I swap over and answer but I'm having trouble ending one of the calls. It just seems to say on hold. So far I've only been able to hung up on both parties instead of just the one I need to. Does anyone know to end the call of a specific line when you have to calls going and one person on hold? Also is it possible to place 3 way calls on EVO? Thanks.
  16. seigex

    seigex Well-Known Member

    unfortunately with CDMA i've always only been able to end both calls, the other person on the other side needs to hang up .. once they do you can rest assured its hung up even though it doesn't look like it..

    I know in GSM there's a lot of line magic you can do like linking two other calls up together and you disconnecting etc... but I've never seen that in CDMA
  17. Upright

    Upright Well-Known Member

    The strange part is that one of my other callers did hang up and as I swapped over i got a busy signal for about 3 minutes,....finally I just ended both calls.

    So is there a way to make the EVO GSM or is Sprint CDMA only??

    Thanks for the response. :)
  18. celtyshan

    celtyshan New Member

    I am disappointed too! I came from tmobile with the G2 and you could merge a call that came in while you were already on a call. I loved that feature. i also have a problem with ending a call waiting call as well. You can't do it? What is up with that? Hopefully this is something Sprint will change. Major bummer.
  19. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    as noted by freeza and several times in this thread, this is the design of CDMA. all CDMA carriers work this way.
  20. EVO Lover

    EVO Lover New Member

    I noticed I was on a call and I got a new call on my second line I answer it but once that call was over the entire call drop. How do I merge from one call to another without dropping the entire call??????
  21. carolcarp

    carolcarp New Member

    I guess I'm late to this party (lol) but I'm trying to get my EVO to do a 3-way call. I can't see any way to put a call on hold, nor do I see "add a person" when I tap the menu button. Am I going to have to try to get my money back on this practically new phone and get something else? I need 3-way calls for business. :(
  22. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ± Moderator

    Hello there Carol!
    Do you have the Evo 4g or the Evo V 4g?
    I see by your info that you have the Evo V 4g but just wanted to make sure because this is the Evo 4g forums :)
    It can get a little confusing at times for me also when I'm moving threads/posts around:)
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