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Call duration?General

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  1. jordn613

    jordn613 Well-Known Member

    Anyone know the easiest way to view a call's details, to see call duration? The only way I can find is to go to a contact's info, view call history, then get the details of the call there.

  2. pingram3541

    pingram3541 Member

    yeah, c'mon, this seems a little absurd. When I look at call history via the phone app, it only shows "today", "yesterday", "2 days ago"...etc. No call duration and at what time the call completed.

    Seems the only way I can find to get this is through the same method you mentioned. But what if you want the info for a number that is not in your contacts, do you have to add the number to contacts just to see the info?
  3. Ataranine

    Ataranine Well-Known Member

    You mean you want the duration of the call while you're IN the call?
    It's really small, I believe it's in the top right corner of the screen.. I can't remember.
  4. pingram3541

    pingram3541 Member

    That's good to know too, but it would be preferable to have some detailed history. Sometimes I need to reflect back on an arrival time, etc., i.e. called a customer as I pulled into their parking lot, or even for a support call I am going to bill my time for.
  5. huntsvegas

    huntsvegas Active Member

    Press "Phone"--->Menu--->Call history--->Click Phone icon to right of each call you want to view..It gives call time and duration.
  6. pingram3541

    pingram3541 Member

    Ok, I could have sworn I tried that and it 'called' the person leaving me to believe it was a 'dial' icon but I just tested it again and it works! I suppose maybe I fat fingered because pressing anywhere outside of that icon originates a call to that number. Thx.
  7. esmail

    esmail Well-Known Member

    Just found this thread looking for the same info.

    I had the same problem (and did the same thing .. calling folks instead of getting call duration :) .. not the best design. And even knowing this, it still happens too easily.

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