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    BLACKTOOTHGRIN Well-Known Member

    Hey Everyone.

    Does the S4 have the ability to reject all calls that are not in your contact list,
    as well as private/blocked numbers? Or is it still a manual rejection setting where you need to enter the actual number that you would like to block?
    Just curious if they've finally implemented such a simple feature or not.

    Right now I'm using a third party app that does all of this automatically for me and works great. I'm still waiting for my S4 to arrive and am hoping that this feature is included so I won't have to worry about that app being compatible with the S4.

  2. XplosiV

    XplosiV Master X is Watching You VIP Member

    Just add your phone book contacts to blocking mode and enable that, your white list contacts will still be able to get through.
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    BLACKTOOTHGRIN Well-Known Member

    Hmm....I never thought about it like that.
    Guess that actually might work though. Thanks XplosiV!
    Maybe it's just me, but that seems like a really ass backwards way of doing it.
    (not your suggestion, just the manner in which you need take to get it accomplished)
    But hey...whatever gets the job done right?

    I presume doing it in this manner sends the caller straight to voicemail without a ring coming through to your phone?
    Don't suppose there is a "pick-up and hang-up" option in there to avoid the unwanted callers to from going into your voicemail?
    That is the BEST feature of the 3rd party apps.
    If they're not in your contacts list or are calling from blocked numbers...
    your phone never rings, and THEY JUST GET HUNG UP ON!
  4. XplosiV

    XplosiV Master X is Watching You VIP Member

    It's a workaround, for sure.

    Either don't use voicemail, and tell your contacts to call back. In blocking mode, you dont get any notification, no ring, vibrate, led, nothing. You may get missed calls show up though, and texts waiting, tbh I can't remember from when I have used it.

    It's is a bit arse backwards, but, still, it'll work.

    BLACKTOOTHGRIN Well-Known Member

    I'll give it a shot.
    Hopefully someday they will figure out how useful this feature can be,
    ESPECIALLY with the pick up and hang up, and have it available straight out of the box. ;)
  6. mills23

    mills23 Well-Known Member

    OMG! I love it! What app are you using? Sounds awesome!
  7. sincarafan

    sincarafan Well-Known Member

    Mr number does wonders. :)
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    BLACKTOOTHGRIN Well-Known Member


    BLACKTOOTHGRIN Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the delay.
    There are a few different apps to choose from if you search for a call blocker in the playstore, but I too have found Mr number to work the best for my needs.
    Not sure if it will work well on the S4 though because mine hasn't arrived yet.
  10. sincarafan

    sincarafan Well-Known Member

    Mr. Number does work on the 4. I've had it installed since day 1.

    BLACKTOOTHGRIN Well-Known Member

    Thats good to know.
    1 less worry about making the change. :)

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