call goes to lock screen..WTF??Support

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  1. starflyr

    starflyr Well-Known Member

    first off I'm running stock 2.2. since the update, when a call is ended the phone goes to the lock screen and I have to unlock to gain access to my screen. this wasnt so before the update. oh btw I run adw ex.... any ideas. I can't find any options in adw settings or in phone settings

    thanks for your time and help.....if any is given...


  2. Leonard1818

    Leonard1818 Well-Known Member

    It's probably a "new feature" lol. I haven't really noticed it but then again, I don't really talk on the phone too much. Have you tried uninstalling your launcher? I don't remember this being a problem for me... I'm using LP
  3. starflyr

    starflyr Well-Known Member

    i havent uninstalled because it really not that much of a problem. jus a minor annoyance. i thought there was a setting im missing.......

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