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  1. MalibuAce

    MalibuAce Member

    I did a search and cannot find an answer to my question:

    How do I get details about a phone call in my history? Amount of time on the call, when it was made, what time, etc?

    Does anyone know how to check this?

  2. SirSlayer

    SirSlayer Well-Known Member

    We have a post that is just for questions like this. The "How Do I" thread"

    To your question. There is an app called call history. This should get you what your looking for.
    All Apps/call history.
  3. Go to the People app, scroll all the way to the right to Call History. Long press a phone nuimber to get details.
  4. TheAndroidWorks

    TheAndroidWorks Well-Known Member

    or click the phone button at the bottom so the dialer opens, then click the button to the right of the green 'call' button. Then click the little icons on the right side of all the call log entries!

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