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Call log filteringSupport

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  1. dportland

    dportland Active Member

    How do I filter the call log permanently to just show missed/dialed/recieved calls? It currently shows calls AND messages and it's obnoxious. When I click view by and select all calls, it only filters it till I back out, and then the next time I check the log it's back to showing everything :mad:

  2. GhostDeany

    GhostDeany New Member

    Id like to know this too. My friend has a tmobile 1 and his stays in the log that just shows calls, mine after i leave the log always goes back to showing everything.
  3. dportland

    dportland Active Member

    Anyone? I just want a normal call log that actually makes sense!
  4. nagarajanr78

    nagarajanr78 New Member

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