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  1. KStarlite

    KStarlite New Member

    So I deleted a very important number from my call log by accident. I pressed the number to add it to contacts,but the phone lagged for a moment and instead it went to "remove from call log" before I could save the number to my contacts. Waaaaaahhh! I need that number!

    I called Metro PCS and they set me up with a feature called "Call Detail", but when I looked through my recent calls (happened on Oct 2nd) it will only show me the actual number of outbound calls only. For inbound calls it just says "Number Called" then "My Phone Number" .

    I called them back and they told me that they do not have a way to show me the numbers of the people that have called me in any feature.

    I NNNNNEEEEEDDD that number! I have even dialed about 50 other numbers in attempt to get the right one. I have no other way to access the number or find this person.

    Is there ANY possible way I can get this call log retrieval? Im desperate. I will try any suggestions (except the one that wants to charge me $599.99 for "revealing" my deleted files lol).

    Any help would be MUCHO appreciated. :bawling:

    Samsung Admire SCH-R720
    2.3.4 (yes yes, going to update soon! but didnt want to change anything until I exhausted all options with my call log)

  2. qandres12

    qandres12 Well-Known Member

    sometimes if you make a backup through through cwm you will still keep things have have recently been deleted. im deleted call logs and text messages sometimes and made backups and then later on restored and they show up even though they were deleted before creating the backup. could give this a shot.
  3. KStarlite

    KStarlite New Member

    I will definitely give this a shot. Like I said, I will try literally anything. Aside from a wing and a prayer, my only hope is that someone knows how to do this or HOPE this person calls me back... which is highly unlikely.

    Thanks for the suggestion... do you suppose backing up through Titanium Backup will be ok?
  4. KageBeast

    KageBeast Well-Known Member

    Well idk about what quandres said. I know any backup made with cwm backs up your messages and call log that you havr at the time the backup was made. And yeah I'd suggest using titanium. I use it to back up my call log and messages before flashing a new rom or restoring a backup so then I can just restore it whenever
  5. qandres12

    qandres12 Well-Known Member

    i know it sounds really weird but considering that when you delete something in your phone or computer its not really erased. its still in there and its not truly gone unti l it has been overwritten by new information. I swear that this has happen to me a bunch of times. i have around 6 backups and each time that i would erase my message before the making of the backup, they would still be there after id restore.

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