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  1. Damar1979

    Damar1979 Well-Known Member

    How is call quality on the droid DNA? Because as diverse as smart phones can be now, I would like a phone that still works great as! Any praises/complaints about call quality?

  2. CrackedLCD

    CrackedLCD Well-Known Member

    I would say it's about average. I find it to be a little boomy and distorted at times; maybe they're just too loud but I've had some difficulty hearing some callers because of it. The strange thing is the same issue is present when I'm using my Bluetooth headset. The speakerphone, on the other hand, is pretty decent from what I can tell.

    If you could place some test calls before buying I would definitely recommend it.
  3. MikeC01

    MikeC01 Active Member

    I just picked up my DNA this week, but the call quality and reception far exceeds my expectations. Areas in town where my former phone (Droid Charge) dropped calls are now crystal clear.
  4. CegAbq

    CegAbq Well-Known Member

    Haven't had anyone complain about my calls to them & I can hear everyone just fine. I've used the phone plain, with a wiredheadset and with 3 different bluetooth headsets
  5. victek

    victek Well-Known Member

    For me it's been very good. I sometimes talk in noisy environments and people don't notice so the noise canceling is working. The speakerphone is usable and voice recognition over my BT headset is noticeably better than my Droid Incredible 2. I feel the side-tone could be a little stronger (hearing oneself talk in the earpiece), but over all I would definitely recommend it.
  6. deathrow911

    deathrow911 Well-Known Member

    My grandma told me that the call quality on this phone sounded like the home phones. And my dad set up Cisco brand business phones in the house, and those are top of the line.
  7. selee

    selee Member

    I am pretty disappointed in the call quality. After searching on google I found out that I was not the only one with this issue. My wife has been complaining that the incoming volume was too low & that she can barely hear me. We tested this on her iphone 5 and land line and ended up with the same issues. There has also been times where she stated that it sounded like parts of my words were dropped from my sentence. Very disappointed. Going to have to get in touch with Verizon for a NEW replacement.
  8. selee

    selee Member

    Update. I exchanged my phone for another new DNA and this one works fine for now. They said that I received a lemon the first time around.

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