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Call Recording problem in i5801Support

  1. avaru_123

    avaru_123 New Member


    My handset is unable to record my outgoing call without loud speaker option, i used vrecorder, auto call recorder, but the status is same. Please suggest me the application which can record normally with out any automatic loud speaker option.

    Note:- If I turn off loud speaker i cant heat the voice through handset speaker.

    appreciation for ASAP quick response ..

    THN Q

  2. balajimarch31

    balajimarch31 New Member


    samsung android mobiles have a drawback that it wont allow call recording at all even if it is working with you when u switch on ur loud speaker it means the recording is getting done through mic but not the voice directly. If at all you need an automatic call recorder app, i have developed it. but only for the android phones other than samsung and has sd card support

    you can also contact me through my mail id balaji.march31@gmail.com

  3. mynameisthiru

    mynameisthiru New Member

    Hi VK,

    Are you able to record two way communication ( both your voice and receiver's voice) with loud speaker on in samsung I5801?


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