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  1. Zach59CTD

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    hey guys. a buddy and myself switched part of our otterbox cases 2 weeks ago. i took his hunting orange plastic for my black plastic and ever since then (as far as i know) my screen will not turn back on after a call or when i pull phone away from ear during a call. as far as i remember it always worked with my black case. not sure if case has any effect on this or not, but the only way to turn my screen back on during or after a call is to hit my home button.

    Any idea on whether this is directly related to the case or if something else is going on and needs attention. Id like to get this working again if fot no other reason, ease of use to hang up phone or check something else on phone during a call.

    so if anyone has an ideas on this please let me know so i know where to start here.

  2. girolez

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  3. Zach59CTD

    Zach59CTD Member

    ill check now.....wheres the proximity sensor located?
  4. Upper left side of the screen if i am correct.
  5. Zach59CTD

    Zach59CTD Member

    well sure enough....the orange case is screwing with my sensor. took case off and screen shut off and turned on withing about 2" of one of the 2 sensors located right to the right of the speaker.

    now the next question is.....being their both the exact same otterbox defender case, why would the color of the plastic have any effect on the proximity sensor. no part of case is covering any of those sensors and he said he never had this issue with his phone when he had it on.

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