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  1. jonhshah

    jonhshah New Member

    hi all...

    i don't know what to do now... my xperia x8...:(
    when i got the call i answer i can hear my caller voice but the problem is caller can't hear my voice... every time i got call i must use loud speaker to speak... that have comunication there... if not in loud speker caller can't hear anythings from me... please help....
    is it my mic or system faulty...?
    i love my phone... please......

  2. intexhub95

    intexhub95 Member

    I THINK its a hardware problem (mic)
    to determine it try record a sound or a voice
    then save it and play it..if you here your voice
    your mic is good if not...I THINK....thats a faulty mic piece
  3. tanabe

    tanabe Well-Known Member

    speak louder, hehehe

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