Support caller ID on EVO will not work under multiple phone nos.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by apevo, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. apevo

    apevo New Member

    Jul 15, 2010
    I have a new EVO, and have some issues with the contacts. I transfered my contact from outlook to Evo. In some contacts I have phone numbers that have diffrent people's name at the end of the phone no. under the same contact. i.e. in contact of my freind named Josh I would have his wife's number as well, therefore under mobile phone I would have one number which will have josh at the end of the number, and other number will have his wife's name at the end. When I receive a phone call from Josh, my phone will not bring up his name in called ID, it will just list the phone no. When I had a windows mobile phone it always listed the name. somehow android will not do it. Does anyone have solution to this?

  2. Tre Lawrence

    Tre Lawrence Well-Known Member

    May 24, 2010
    The solution that most folks don't like: more Google!

    I think (and someone will correct me if I am wrong) that properly formatted address cards in Google Voice will correct the problem.

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