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  1. 0622kid

    0622kid New Member

    My cricket zio was just updated with new software. My contact list and my back up account all have ht names entered. When I receive a call only the number shows up. How do I get he name to show?

  2. eddie6974

    eddie6974 New Member

    i just bought the same phone, and it does the same thing. ive tried apps that change the caller id but it still only displays the number or unknown caller with no number... any help?
  3. COW8OY

    COW8OY New Member

    Maybe related....

    ***No contact list***
    Once I updated to 2.2 from 1.6, my unrooted ZIO worked great, but my contact list only showed a few contacts which I had deleted a long time ago. None of my current contacts showed up. [​IMG] [​IMG] However, the text messages, all had the names, and you could access the contact's info from the messages, same for the call list. I tried everything to get the list to show, but backup would not add any contacts, as they were clearly somewhere on the phone already. What I wound up doing that worked, was I copied all of my files (including contacts file) from the SD card onto my pc, then formatted the SD. Then I did the factory reset on the phone. Then I recopied the previous SD contents back to the Sd, but only the contact file, music, pics, etc. Nothing that looked like it was for the operations on the phone. Then I brought up the empty contact list on my factory fresh looking phone, and imported the contacts. Finally.[​IMG] Even Cricket could not help me with this, and just opened a ticket on it. Hope it helps.
  4. javieralm

    javieralm New Member

    I was able to get the caller ID to show the NAMES also by going to
    hitting the Menu option
    Export to SD card

    good luck...

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