caller on other end cant hear meSupport

  1. frankycaptivat

    frankycaptivat New Member

    Im having a problem were the caller on the other end has trouble hearing me but I can hear them just fine. Did a phone exchange already and Im having the same problem with the "new" phone as well. I make sure my finger is not covering the mic and the mic hole is clear. Anyone else having this problem or have any advice.

  2. b_illin

    b_illin Member

    You'll have to look it up yourself, but if you hold the phone a certain way it blocks the signal or something of the sort. I have that problem too sometimes...just hold the phone a different way when it happens.

    Good luck!
  3. frankycaptivat

    frankycaptivat New Member

    I dont believe that is the problem. When it happens i switch around how i hold the phone but nothing makes a difference. Only thing that seems to work is to hang up and call back.

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