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Calling card, PBX, mobile extenssion

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  1. DiiJAY

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    Feb 14, 2010
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    I have an Ericsson P1. This phone have a feature that is called calling card which gives me the ability to load an .PBX file to the phone with the settings for our companys switchboard, the phone creates a calling card from these settings. I can then use this card to make my calls from my cell phone thru our companys switchboard, that means that i can use short number to call my colleagues and the can see when I'm in a phone call or not. The phone is calling our switchboard and sends DTMF tones to it with the real number I want to call.

    I would like to buy a HTC cell phone but I haven't foud this feature on them, does anyone have any more information about this? Maybe there is some app that can do this feature for Android or windows mobile?


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