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Calling Dell Streak Owners!!General

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  1. Potatochip

    Potatochip Active Member

    Hey, so I flip flop phones a lot, and have been offered a dell streak for my samsung galaxy vibrant. How do you guys find it? It looks identical to my vibrant (except size). The size is the only thing that will take getting used to in my opinon, but from your owners experience, how is the touchscreen? How is the resolution? How is its durability? Is it a worthy phone/tablet? And is it going past 2.2 officially? (not scared to root, just like to know).


  2. CaHighlander

    CaHighlander New Member

    I have had the Dell Streak for about 5 weeks now. I love it. However, I just downloaded the update from 1.6 to 2.2 last night. Alas, my current sim card does not work with 2.2; so, I have to go back tomorrow and get a new chip activated. As for the resolution, awesome!! The touch screen is great and the keyboard is big enough for my giant tree-trunk fingers to be able to type on.

    Be aware though, before you upgrade to 2.2; make sure you have a a good backup (online preferrably) of your contacts. Even though I did the backup before upgrading, my contacts still did not load.
  3. HogDog

    HogDog New Member

    I have had my Streak for almost two weeks now. I didn't like 1.6 but upgraded to 2.2 and love it. The screen size is very large at 5 inches but I find myself liking it more and more every day. Non-telephone uses like browsing the Internet and email and things like that are much more enjoyable to me now.

    I had an iPhone 3GS before this and don't miss it at all. The touchscreen is very responsive and the resolution looks great. I got an OtterBox case with mine but fortunately still haven't dropped it so I cannot attest to durability. Overall - I really like it and feel like this is a really great phone/tablet.
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  4. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Well-Known Member

    I have had my Streak for about 2.5 months. I liked the 1.6 version for the most part, but maybe I just got use to it. 2.2 brought some great things (much better battery life (2 days verses about 12 hours), better responsiveness to the touch, better phone dialer and a few others well worth it. I lost root and I lost the simple 3G toggle drop-down which I loved to help keep my 3G usage down (200MG plan).

    I have dropped it a few times, no issues, I have a rubber cover (ebay for $7) which helps protect it. but I have never broke a phone before (except one motorcycle accident, which was good, it saved taking a chunk out of me).

    It is big, I had a BB Curve for 2+ years and Sony X10 (for 29 days) and they were both much smaller. Even though the size is different, I am now at the point where it seems normal. I always carried my Blackberry in my front pants pocket, but with my Streak, I carry it in my inside motorcycle jacket pocket, side pockets on cargo pants, etc. I will carry it in my front pants pocket if I have nowhere else to put it and take it out while sitting down.

    I don't think we will know about OS going forward until it happens. Not sure what an upgrade would bring that is worth the effort at this point.
  5. bagus.streak

    bagus.streak New Member

    I have had my streak for about 1 week and it's already 2.2. Before this I had iPhone 3Gs for about 13 months and it's totally diffrent experience. For me an iPhone is limited in many ways ( I called it limited function but maximum use ), but with this streak i can do lots of things. The browser is great, even faster than my 3Gs ( using the same XL provider in Indonesia ), exchangeable battery, large screen yet fit in my pocket. Highly recommended
  6. Potatochip

    Potatochip Active Member

    Thanks for your opinions guys, i think i am going to go ahead and give it a try. From what you guys have said seems to be a good choice, plus i really want to try out the tablet to increase productivity at school.
  7. ajairola

    ajairola New Member

    I think you'll really enjoy it, I have had mine for 3 months now and It is just great. The size really isn't an issue for me because I have huge fingers so to me it feels like a phone that was made for me, and the touch screen is amazing it is very responsive, also typing on it is a dream I thought I could never get away from a physical keyboard but this phone changed everything. The only downside I have found is that when I need a new phone I won't be able to have anything smaller because the screen is just great.
  8. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Well-Known Member

    I am hoping for a 6" device with smaller trim pieces so the overall size is about the same in my next device :D
  9. p51d007

    p51d007 Member

    Had mine since mid October, came with 1.6, which, coming from 3 years of windows phones was a BIG improvement. Held off til December, thinking at&t would get its act in line, but jumped to 2.2 mid December. It was like a brand new device!
    Still love it, couldn't imagine going to a smaller screen anymore.
  10. bobnelsonfr

    bobnelsonfr Member

    I've had my Streak since last August, and Froyo since December. I bought the Streak because I was tired of lugging several devices -- laptop, phone, iPod, pocket camera, eReader, GPS.

    For trips up to three weeks, I no longer take anything but the Streak. It isn't a perfect replacement for all those devices, but it is adequate. And that means one single device and one single charger!
  11. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    I've had my Streak since March 8 and wonder how I functioned without it
  12. kkmiausa

    kkmiausa New Member

    Hi, I am a FORMER Iphone enthusiast. But have been waiting for something half the size of an Ipad that actually is a phone. I GOT IT!!!! Yesterday. $49.99 with 2 year ATT I had 3 phones up for upgrades so chose this. I am wowed. I had them upgrade the firmware for me to 2.2 I listen to Sirius satellite radio on the phone and needed Flash for the upgrade. WOW it is the best. I had the same problem no way to sync with my PC. Then I thought about it being a Google friendly system. I went to my gmail account and went to Google docs. Thought I would try uploading songs this way, since syncing with PC was impossible. Guess what? It works.

    I uploaded lots of songs, went to Google on the Streak, downloaded the songs, assigned them as ringtone and was good to go!!!

    I love this
  13. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    WOw, me too! I didn't know you could upllad mp3s to Google then transfer to your Streak! I will give this a try today!
  14. Had my Dell Streak for 2 weeks now, updated to 2.2 and I love it! Researching how to root it now. The question I have is that does anybody else have a problem opening their phone when they take it out their pocket? Cause I do, when I take it out my pocket and swipe up to get in my phone, it gets stuck, it will not swipe up till a few minutes after its been out my pocket?
  15. sdg1980

    sdg1980 New Member

    Hi guys, I am new to DELL STREAK and I had a question. I have prepaid service with TMobile and would like to switch to an unlimited monthly plan with one of the numerous prepaid GSM service providers out there. Since my new STREAK is unlocked, do you think I would be able to take advantage of the unlimited web? My set will have the 2.2. One user here mentioned something about SIM not being compatible and needed flash/upgrade?? Anyways, any help would be appreciated. I plan to switch to STRAIGHTTALK from T-MOBILE.
  16. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    Dont you just LOVE your new Streak? I cant do without it. Are you planning to come over to ATT (especially with the acquisition)? My guess is iff you are contemplating switching to an unlimited plan on tmoble, I would do it quickly before there may be a lockdown period where you cant change anything due to merger. This way when you get transitioned, you get here with an unlimited plan already in place and maybe att wont touch yur package during the merge.

    I know pay as you go accounts are hanled differently, so if u do switch now to unlimited, it might bea good thing for you.
  17. sdg1980

    sdg1980 New Member

    Hey Rico,
    thanks for your reply. No I am not switching to ATT or going for the unlimited thing on T-Mobile. I am getting an unused, unlocked STREAK and was wondering if there is anyway I could just pop in my SIM card from STRAIGHTTALK (supposedly the biggest prepaid GSM service in the US that works on other major carriers' network) into my STREAK tablet/phone and have the web experience working right away. Any ideas?
  18. stevenlong

    stevenlong Well-Known Member

    It should just work for you.
    The SIM card the provider gives you has all the information needed for web access. You should be able to insert the SIM and have it work.
  19. imjustme

    imjustme New Member

    Hi all! I have had my streak now for .. ummm 3 days... coming from iphone 4. soooooooooooooo confused! I am on ATT and I don't ever see the 3g in the top.. its has an "H"???? do I have to leave my wireless turned on all the time? I change my ringtones, then later they revert back to a factory ringtone. I have a memory card in the phone, but it cant find it. Do I leave USB storage on all the time?? I deleted off the home screens that came with the phone.. how do I get them back? UGH! I am soooooo frustrated. I think I could totally fall in love with my Streak if I knew more about it:eek:
  20. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    How did that work out. Ffor you? Did your Streak fire up ok after plugging in your. Sim?
    I am anxious to hear.
  21. stevenlong

    stevenlong Well-Known Member

    You have several questions:
    First H is faster than 3g so don't worry about that. It just means you are in an area that has AT&T 4g

    Usb storage on is for accessing you card from a computer. Your Sd card is available all times except when you have US storage on.

    The screens you are talking about are stage UI widgets. To get one back you will need the screen to have enough space. Then if you touch the screen and hold it there you will see a menu. One of the choices will be to add a widget. Select that and then another menu will show up and you will see the widget you want.
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  22. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Well-Known Member

    Spend a little more time reading and less breaking :) The "H" is ok, can't help with ringtones as I only use "vibrate" :)

    I use a App called AppBrain which is really good about managing Apps. You can search on your computer than sync your wish list on the phone.

    I also turn off my 3g except when I want it, as I spend 99% on wifi and I am on the 200MB plan. So far in 4 months I have only maxed out at 60MB. I use and app called 3G Watchdog to track my usage and another called "Toggle Net Switch Widget" to turn off/on 3G.

    Welcome to the family, enjoy your new toy :D
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  23. isitafox

    isitafox Member

    I've had my streak since the end of January on 2.2 and I hate it. It's currently in with O2UK for repair as it's permanantly coming up with com.process errors and resetting itself which loses all my apps, contacts, emails, texts, etc.. I could back it up and restore but after having to back it up every other day at least and restoring it the same I'm sick of it and just want rid. Hopefully I'll be able to convince O2 to send me another phone as a replacement as I no longer want my Streak, if not it'll be going on eBay as soon as it comes back. It's a shame as it's absolutely brilliant for downloading and watching films on but there's too many other little problems like the wifi not always auto connecting at home which means I have to do it myself and having to go to the settings screen to turn on GPS when you fire up sat nav when on iPhone it used to do it automatically. I hate to say it but I may be returning to the dreaded Apple!
  24. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    Looks like you just have a defective tab/phone to begin with. None of those issue on my Streak. Had ot since March and after Android Market pulled malapps. habe you figured whay could cause it?

    Id still get another if it was me. Dont think I can go back to a smaller phone or a smaller screen.
  25. isitafox

    isitafox Member

    No idea whats causing it, I think I'd be better off with a smaller screen now as I ride trials and it's a pain trying to ride with such a big phone in my pocket and I'm scared of it falling out. Never had that problem with my old iphone.

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