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  1. Seanette

    Seanette Well-Known Member

    I've had an odd problem develop in the last couple of days, with incoming calls going straight to voice mail without ringing or showing a missed call in the notification bar. I have never set any number to go straight to voice mail.

  2. eatsaimin

    eatsaimin Well-Known Member

    Did you Blacklist that person by accident or is that ALL incoming calls?
  3. Seanette

    Seanette Well-Known Member

    It's happened with two different incoming numbers (my husband and my boss). I've never blacklisted any number, so far as I know. I was getting incoming fine on Sunday afternoon, I think the problem started Sunday evening or Monday (I don't get that many calls).
  4. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles VIP Member

    Sometimes my phone will show a signal but actually be in a very tiny dead spot (4' square or so) while in my house. It sounds like something similar. I miss calls and it goes to voicemail sometimes or won't show that I missed them. Then the wife is mad because she thought I ignore her :eek:. I think it is just one of the drawbacks of being on a budget carrier.

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