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  1. cookie2013

    cookie2013 New Member

    Hi, I need some help! I have a Galaxy S2 Skyrocket, and the back camera isn't focusing. The app opens up just fine and appears to function normally, but the view is very blurry and not clear. However, the camera that faces me works just fine and is clear.

    I can't say for sure when this started happening, but I took my last clear picture on January 19th. And yes, I wiped the lens off. :p

    I clicked on settings and here is a list of them and if it's on/off, etc.
    Self Portrait - Off
    Flash - Off
    Shooting Mode - Single Shot
    Scene Mode - None
    Exposure Value - 0
    Focus Mode - Auto Focus
    Timer - Off
    Effects - None
    Resolution - 3264x2448
    White Balance - Auto
    ISO - Auto
    Metering - Center-weighted
    Anti-Shake - Off
    Auto Contrast - Off
    Guidelines - Off
    Image Quality - Superfine
    GPS Tag - Off
    Shutter Sound - On

    Anything you can suggest is super helpful!!!!

  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    That setting changed to "on" may solve the issue. Also, I'm wondering how many of those settings are default, and which ones you changed. ;)
  3. cookie2013

    cookie2013 New Member

    I changed it to "off". Didn't help. But the suggestion made sense. Thanks.

    As far as I know, I never changed any of them.
  4. cookie2013

    cookie2013 New Member

    Okay, it works now!!! I opened up an inventory app on my phone and was surprised to see that the barcode scanner was clear! So then I opened up the camera app and now it works!!!! So happy.

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