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  1. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    Not there on Verizon either. Probably because many localities require a shutter sound by law.

  2. Simon_Gardner

    Simon_Gardner Well-Known Member

    Just for phones then? I've never come across a non-internal-mirror camera where you can't optionally turn the sound off. Obviously with an SLR, you've got mechanical noise anyway.
  3. MrClean

    MrClean Well-Known Member

    Got my Verizon GN3 rooted went to the same folders as with the GN2 and changed the necessary .ogg files to .bak, which silenced the camera on the GN2. No such luck with the GN3, I'm still getting the shutter sound :mad:

    Here is the path and list of the .ogg files I renamed with Root Explorer:


    Anyone have any ideas?
  4. Gearu

    Gearu Well-Known Member

    Yeah these four (identical sound) I replaced also and it still makes the noise (deleted the originals before pasting 1 second silent files with the same name as replacements, and this is after experimenting with renames and restarts/wipe camera app data...), so maybe Samsung embedded the noise in the Camera app as a late decision but left the now isolated sounds in the system?


    We may need the camera app from the note 3 that shipped to a free country. (with the 4k recording option still)
  5. Gearu

    Gearu Well-Known Member

    Usually I wouldn't double post, but alas I have today just found that the camera no longer makes the noise when taking photos. I have no idea why this took 'time' to occur, instead of just a power off/on after replacing the files, but I'm glad it's sorted.
  6. androidexpat

    androidexpat Well-Known Member

    As of now the only way to get rid of sound is to go to your home screen and then turn sound to mute or Audio/off and then open the camera up after. Then there will be no sound for taking pictures. Seems like this is the only way for now.
  7. Simon_Gardner

    Simon_Gardner Well-Known Member

    Except for some - only some - US versions of the Note 3 where there is a camera mute button.

  8. androidexpat

    androidexpat Well-Known Member

    Maybe you misunderstood me, I was talking about the sound icon on the home button of which you should also have. If you mute that one first then there should be no sound when taking pictures.

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  9. Simon_Gardner

    Simon_Gardner Well-Known Member

    Maybe you misunderstood the OP.

    It turns out that on some USA versions of the Note 3 you CAN mute the camera only. Try reading the thread.

  10. MrClean

    MrClean Well-Known Member

    For anyone who can't seem to get the shutter sound muted. There is an app that was developed and it seems to work really well so far. Root is NOT required....

    [APP] Camera Mute [non-root] - xda-developers

    I take no credit for this, just thought others might benefit from it.
  11. taghag

    taghag Well-Known Member

    Just downloaded it and it does work with the stock camera! I have A Better Camera installed as well but it doesn't work with that unless I am missing something.

    Thanks MrClean for the find!! :)
  12. Simon_Gardner

    Simon_Gardner Well-Known Member

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  13. MrClean

    MrClean Well-Known Member

    I hadn't tried it with anything but the stock camera. Thanks for letting us know it doesn't work on other cameras.
  14. Simon_Gardner

    Simon_Gardner Well-Known Member

    Camera mute.

    @MrClean Thanks. Problem solved. This works exactly as billed. My irritating, intrusive, unnecessary and rather silly Note 3 camera sound is banished.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I noticed on that xda thread that some Americans haven't realised the option to turn off the sound is out-of-the-box only available on some phones and not others.

  15. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Gotta love those XDA folks! Majority of the apps developed through the developers that contribute heavily over there have been awesome, from my experiences.

    Confirming that this works on the Sprint Galaxy Note 3 (for both rear and front facing camera)! If only it had been developed when I first got the Galaxy Note 2! Now, I can delete Camera Magic.
  16. MrClean

    MrClean Well-Known Member

    Mine too, I love the dev's over there. But the site itself is overwhelming sometimes, there is SO much info there...LOL!!
  17. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    I'm still way too intimidated to post on there regularly. Too many tech guys WAY more knowledgeable than I could ever dream of being, but many of the apps that I support heavily, started over there. The Teslacoil developers posted Widgetlocker on the XDA forums, prior to it being available on the Play store, so the amount of themes that had been created were so overwhelming, it was mind boggling...but those guys are the reason I chose Nova Prime, when I finally had a phone above ICS (w/ the Note 2).

    There are a bunch of others I've installed through there first, prior to the apps making their way to the app store as well, but I can't remember which ones exactly.
  18. Crosley123

    Crosley123 Well-Known Member

    This is FANTASTIC! Thank you!
  19. ducpiloti

    ducpiloti Well-Known Member

    does anyone know how to make the screen shutter when the pic is taken so that you get a visual cue that it has done it's thing? like what happens on the iPhone?
  20. cantstopthee

    cantstopthee Member

    Is there a way to turn off the shutter sound on this, or am I completely overlooking something?
  21. johnpjackson

    johnpjackson Well-Known Member

    I had the same desire for my Verizon Galaxy Note 3. Some research indicated that the option to do this was disabled by some carriers, allegedly because someone decides it's their place to decide that you should not be able to use your phone's camera without people around you or being photographed by you knowing it. But really, it's stupid, because you could disable the sound anyway by muting the whole phone at once.

    But then I found this hack, and it worked perfectly for me. It has disabled the camera shutter sound and that's all I wanted to be able to do :)
  22. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

  23. cantstopthee

    cantstopthee Member

    Thanks, guys. That's the dumbest thing I've heard in a long time though. It should be left up to the consumer if they want their sound on or not.
  24. selmerdave

    selmerdave Well-Known Member

    Agreed but it's pretty easy to set the phone to vibrate or silent. FWIW the AT&T Note has shutter off/on in the settings.
  25. dontpanicbobby

    dontpanicbobby Guides Guide

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