Camera does not remember that you turn off the flashGeneral

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  1. greenrolaids

    greenrolaids Well-Known Member

    I was in a bar and took a couple of pics with the flash off. I closed the camera app.

    A few minutes later i decided to take another pic and the flash went off and scared the crap out of a few people.

    I prolly killed the camera app inbetween taking pics with an app killer, but come on, cant it save that one silly little setting.

  2. TokedUp

    TokedUp Well-Known Member

    i almost got busted takin a pic of a chick cuz the flash went off LOL! at least the option to turn it off/on is on screen all the time, I just try to remind myself to look at the option before taking pics. Maybe a patch can fix? or a new app?

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