camera doesnt work after phone was dropped in waterSupport

  1. luvmyhtc89

    luvmyhtc89 New Member

    So i've had my htc sensation for about 6 months now and i just recently dropped my phone in the water. It was only under for maybe 2 seconds. It didnt shut off right away but i took it apart and put a blow dryer to it right away and completely dried every crack and crevis and then took all the peices and put it in a bag of rice over night.....well it WORKS! and has been working perfectly up until now,....

    i noticed my camera doesnt work anymore. When i go to open it up it just gives me a black screen. I tried downloading another camera from the market and nothing works. I found a replacement camera part on ebay but i dont wanna buy anything until i know what i need to replace to get my camera working again....What sucks the most is the camera is what makes this phone so great with 8MP! ugh!

    Please help!

  2. johncf

    johncf Well-Known Member

    i dont think the hair dryer was a good idea.

    it could be any number of parts that have failed from the camera to main board.

    is it not worth sending to htc for a diagnostic. they will charge you for the repair because of the water damage. but i think i would sooner of had it done right and make sure nothing ese is going to go.

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