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  1. iskortch

    iskortch Well-Known Member

    Has anyone else had an issue with the camera force closing?

    When I launch the camera, an immediate message appears "Camera Failed."

    Other times, it opens, the screen is black and finally I will get the message: "Sorry! The application Camera (process.com.sec.android.app.camera) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again."

    If I remove the battery and reboot the phone, the camera will work for a short time. It will revert back to the errors eventually.

    I also noticed my battery life tanking unusually faster than normal since this began.

  2. Midiman

    Midiman Well-Known Member

    Is your phone stock?
  3. iskortch

    iskortch Well-Known Member

  4. Midiman

    Midiman Well-Known Member

    Have you installed any camera related apps from the marketplace?
  5. iskortch

    iskortch Well-Known Member

    I have not.

    I *think* I may have found the problem... I removed the SD card. I think there may have been a corrupt file on the card which effected the camera.

    Since removing the SD card, the camera has worked fine. Its only been 10 hours, but I will keep an update.

    From searching forums, looks like the Galaxy S and S2 have sporadic camera issues... ranging from a number of reasons. Some claim its a hardware issue, some claim its an app conflict, some claim a factory reset fixes... finally I found a forum which discussed the SD card and that worked for me.
  6. Midiman

    Midiman Well-Known Member

    I recently moved the storage of the camera files from the internal to the external card and noticed no difference. I wouldn't say that all the snobs bragging about their class 10 cards (I use very fast CF cards in my Canon 7D and class 10 cards, overkill, in the Tascam 4-track audio recorder I use for video production) are on point, but a class 2 is probably insufficient. I would at least use a class 6 card in the phone.
  7. iskortch

    iskortch Well-Known Member

    So it happened again. No SD card in the phone. The camera worked fine for about 2 days then it reverted back. I ended up exchanging the phone. Before I did, I did a Factory Reset which did not fix the issue. Upon first boot, the camera failed immediately.
  8. clarion4

    clarion4 New Member

    I had the exact same thing happen. I realized it was a flashlight Ap that I had downloaded. I took that off and the camera has worked fine. (The flashlight program uses the camera flash)
  9. njbballjerzy5

    njbballjerzy5 New Member

    I had a flashlight app that I uninstalled after i read this comment.
    How long as it been since you uninstalled the flashlight app and your camera has been functioning properly??
  10. Dene74

    Dene74 New Member

    Hi Guys

    I had this from the day I bought the phone.. I found out today that is a common error and I found out that - in my case - it was caused by the fact that Adobe Flash was not updated - once I went to the market and clicked on my "to be updated" apps - then it worked fine
  11. Hailodon

    Hailodon New Member

    Ok, same symptoms why has been mentioned but now my camera app has disappeared.

    Tried hard reset, everything..... It seems that an application that I uninstalled has actually removed the camera application.... if that is possible??

    Any ideas?
  12. ddesbois

    ddesbois New Member

    My Galaxy S2 Skyrocket front camera always showed “Camera Failed” since i got the phone. With the Jelly Bean update when I tried the front camera it says “Camera Failed.” I use to just close and re-open the camera app but now it seems to remember my setting to open my front camera – thus says camera failed. I went to applications --> all applications –> camera –> force stop –> clear all data. It then forgot it was on front camera mode and works again.
  13. shivudarur

    shivudarur New Member

    Uninstall the other apps which needs camera, If u have installed any. And then restart the device. Restart is needed because some apps don't release the camera resource even after uninstalling them.

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