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  1. outoffocus

    outoffocus Well-Known Member

    the wife is on the road with her new samsung galaxy s. she needs to take some pics on this trip and the camera suddenly stopped working..

    i tried the cam yesterday and it worked fine out of the box (phone is 2 days old now).

    anyone else have this problem?

    when launching the camera app the phone throws up a 'camera failed' warning and quits out of the app.

    i'll get more details from her as i hear back. thanks!

  2. EarlZ

    EarlZ Well-Known Member

    Try to power cycle the phone, turn it off then remove the battery for like 1 min then try again see if the problem persists.
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  3. outoffocus

    outoffocus Well-Known Member

    thanks Earlz. tried that already. no luck. anything possible through 'manage applications'? i have the N1 and don't know what samsung offers or blocks in settings.
  4. t sport 1978

    t sport 1978 Well-Known Member


    I had exactly the same error on my first day with the device.
    I literally unboxed it and started to install all manner of apps before i tried the camera, the first thing it said was "Camera Failed". I started troubleshooting and killing services to see what was the culprit, I never quite managed to find the actual culprit but by kill all apps cures it!

    I actually went on and factory reset my device and the camera was fine since. All i know for sure is that it was due to an app and not the device itself.

    Try that.
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  5. outoffocus

    outoffocus Well-Known Member

    Thanks for that t sport. Turns out installing Fring did indeed knock out the camera. I'll look into reinstalling and changing the setting when she gets back in town and will report back.
  6. t sport 1978

    t sport 1978 Well-Known Member

    Funny you should say Fring... It was the last app I installed before trying the cam, I am pretty sure that was the cause now.
  7. t-readyroc

    t-readyroc Well-Known Member

    I just started a new topic in the applications forum for discussion/resolution of the issue.
  8. mbelholm

    mbelholm New Member

    I also have problems with my Galaxy S, about the camera - just bought it last Friday and i only manage to take 2 pictures and all the other times i've got this error message.
    BUT i don't have Fring.

    I tried to shut down and turn on the phone, tried to take out the battery without help.
    The next thing i will try is to factory reset the phone.

    I also contacted Samsung Support for any help, and im waiting a answer from them :).

    / Morten - Denmark
  9. kaza777

    kaza777 Active Member

    Just came upon this msge, i no am a bit late but if anyone else reads this, i had the same problem after 5 days. hadnt installed any apps thou. I sent the phone back, you can if its within the 28 day guarantee, or if its insured ..
  10. perrytew

    perrytew New Member

    Same problem. Had to return it and get a new one. None of the suggestions posted here solved the problem Clean phone with no apps. Just a broken camera.
  11. kaza777

    kaza777 Active Member

    wdnt waste time either with samsung they cant resolve it.. Think its a problem with the phone itself.. So glad it wasn't just me, thought I was too heavy handed...
  12. alfadat

    alfadat New Member

    Yeah same error with my galaxy s, though mine kinda flashes to a black blank screen and can't really press the settings or any of the other buttons when its in between flashes. Though when going to the video its fine...

    From 1-2 flashes to 10+ flashes the phone comes up with camera failed error. Done soft & hard reset. Haven't wiped my apps as I got my phone about 3 months ago and haven't really had any new apps since this started. Was working fine with the first couple months as I do have quite a few photos I have taken.
  13. Scooterza

    Scooterza New Member

    I had the same issue - when I opened the camera app, it would show the image and then every few seconds, the screen would go black and then the image would come back. Couldn't take any shots or change settings. Moving to video was fine though.

    I found that copying a bunch of images and videos off my phone's memory (I have set mine to use the ext memory Micro SD card) sorted the problem out. I had 2 video files on my phone memory of over 100MB - maybe that was it? Anyway, removing these seemed to sort out the issue.
  14. wolftheranger

    wolftheranger New Member

    I have had the same issue. I can not find any programs that have been installed that are causing the problem. I have found that the camera work correctly with no errors if the phone is put in airplane mode, which is not a fix but maybe a hint as to the problem. Maybe a program that is using the data network and somehow causing a problem.
  15. bapun

    bapun New Member

    i have problem with my galaxy s on camera. through secret codes ihave update the camera firmware. now the camera is not working?
  16. bluetiger01

    bluetiger01 New Member

    Just go to settings -> Application -> Manage Application -> All -> select the Camera app, then hit clear cache or clear data. It will fix your camera issue
  17. sira9aris

    sira9aris New Member

    If you have installed any apps that uses your camera, then better sort them out. They may be the culprit that causes the "Warning: Camera Failed" message in your Samsung Galaxy phone. I don't know if it happens in other android devices, but still this will serve as a precaution. This normally happens when an app doesn't handle properly the camera, or never release its use in it after you close that app. In my case, i figured out that the security app I installed in my samsung galaxy w bugs my camera. The security app has a feature which you can remotely take photos on your phone, just using a web browser. I was so glad that it has this feature, not until when I am going to take a photo myself on the phone, it shows the message "Warning: Camera Failed". It resolves by rebooting the phone, but after a while, its back to the error. I searched for some solutions in the web, and finally read about a post telling the users that a certain photo capture app is the culprit for that error message. It just gave me the idea that I should sort out those apps that uses my phone's camera. And there it is... I figured out that one of my apps installed that uses the camera is causing the error. The irony is, it is a security-featured app. It's a popular free feature-packed app in the market that showcase abilities on tracking your lost android phone. In fairness, it really do what it has advertised, but it's still buggy, and it includes it's handling of camera. Anyway, I hope I was able to help you and gave you an idea on how to solve the Camera Failed problem.
  18. GowrieG

    GowrieG New Member

    I have had the "Warning: Camera Failed" error. We wiped the phone and restored factory setting etc. this didn't fix the problem. I then installed Launcher pro to check the Camera Firmware
    The messages I got when doing the Phone/CAM FW ver Check:
    FAIL - firmware update failed. Try Again

    The Phone FW Version - (OZAAj@OO)

    Camera Firmware Info:
    CAM FW(05.15)PRA(05.15)AF(35.34): Phone FW(00.00)PRA(00.00)AF(00.00)

    Can anyone advise me on how I can fix this?
  19. Dene74

    Dene74 New Member

    Hi Guys

    I had this from the day I bought the phone.. I found out today that is a common error and I found out that - in my case - it was caused by the fact that Adobe Flash was not updated - once I went to the market and clicked on my "to be updated" apps - then it worked fine
  20. mindyh

    mindyh New Member

    i have the same camera fail problem.

    i dont know much about phones but tried everything the forums told me to do and nothing fixed the camera.

    then i turned off the gps button (use your location button at the top of the screen) and now the camera works for some reason.

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