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  1. tonyc

    tonyc Member

    My camera stopped working at the worst time just when I needed to take some pics at a dinner today. Has anyone encountered a "Camera Failed" message after opening the Camera application? I tried rebooting many times (at least 5-6 times) hoping it was a software glitch, but would not go away. I was testing the GPS navigation (using Google Maps) and my battery drained from 60% to 30% in 20 mins!! Does using navigation or low battery charge screw up the camera?

    I was sure it was a HW defect thinking I had to return the unit, but when I got home, and plugged into wall charger for a few minutes, I found that camera started working again.

  2. KappaG9

    KappaG9 Well-Known Member

    That sounds very strange. I would wait and see how it is the next few days and if it does it again get a new one.
  3. Jofaba

    Jofaba Well-Known Member

    I was trying to show off the panoramic mode and the pic capture failed. It was right at the end of lunch so I didn't have time to play with it. Thought it was probably an error with that particlar mode not capturing correctly. If there are ANY problems with the camera this phone goes back.
  4. tonyc

    tonyc Member

    So last night I was able to reproduce the problm again.. right after I used the phone some more and battery level dropped below 35%. Was wondering if any of you have low battery level (check settings -> Phone info -> battery level)and could try this out on your phone as well.
    I have charged up the phone over night, and now camera is working again. I have a list of other issues with the phone that I will need to addresss when I return to store over weekend (GPS, bottom buttons), but this is the final nail in the coffin if it's a common issue.
  5. radi0chik

    radi0chik Well-Known Member

    I did try to take just a regular picture last night when my battery was blinking dead. It wouldn't let me. I guess it needs a minimum amount of power to take/save the picture and apparently however much I had wasn't enough. I don't know that it's a bug though, probably when you're low/dead on battery, a regular camera wouldn't work either! :)
  6. KappaG9

    KappaG9 Well-Known Member

    I'll try it as well when my battery gets low....That is strange though
  7. tonyc

    tonyc Member

    Looks like it's a HW real problem. :( .. Battery @ 50% and camera not working again. too bad.. i already burned a couple screen protectors on it too.


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  8. Jofaba

    Jofaba Well-Known Member

    Do you have Fring installed?

    XDA forum mentions this as a possible culprit.
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  9. tonyc

    tonyc Member

    Doh!, I wish I saw this an hour ago.. just swapped the HW, but effort is not lost. My GPS is fully working now!.. with no tweaking necessary.. My previous phone had completely non-functional GPS and all the tweaks from the other thread didn't work.. I'm reserving making any conclusions about it until I try it out some more.
    As for Fring, yes, I did install it, but had not even launched it yet.. Okay, good to know the next time I install it. Too bad it doesn't have front facing cam, this would have been the perfect device for Fring.

  10. KappaG9

    KappaG9 Well-Known Member

    Glad everything is working for ya now! Test out the cam and see if it still does it
  11. Jessiet22

    Jessiet22 New Member

    My camera randomly stated doing that on my captivate as well. It used to just do it when it wanted, now i havent gotten the camera to work in weeks. It's extremely frusterating, so if you figure out how to fix it please let me know as well!

  12. m_usman_ch

    m_usman_ch Member

    Well as far as I'm assuming it must be because of some infected camera application, where someone opened the camera but didn't close it. Did you try to restart the phone what happened after that?
  13. Teqnine

    Teqnine New Member

    I installed apps last night that used the camera, for example the antidroidtheft which you can activate the camera at the webpage to take pictures in case your cell is stolen. I uninstalled all apps that I had installed last night that used the camera. Didn't fix it, I opened google maps as someone here suggested and nothing. What worked for me is another suggestion that was mentioned, I removed the battery. Let the cel sit for about 10 seconds put the battery back in and turned it back on. Works now. Thanks for the suggestions
  14. Ballisticc

    Ballisticc New Member

    Camera failed everytime I use it.
    battery is fully charged. GPS off. all other apps off.
    What can be done. How can I Uninstall and reinstall the Camera app
    Android Captivate.
  15. tym2ply

    tym2ply New Member

    I have a Samsung Captivate as well and just recently the camera is acting up - failure notices and photos that I have taken show up in the gallery as black boxes. I the only way to fix it, new equipment??

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