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  1. okay so I dont really remember what I downloaded or how long its been going on, I just know that my camera keeps saying failled when I try to open it. I did instal another camera at one point and had both of them but I then removed the once I download cause it was slow. Now even if I restart my phone its not working like it normally did. anyone else with same issue?

  2. GabbyABaby

    GabbyABaby New Member

    i have the same problem and tried EVERYTHING to try and fix it myself. so as a last resort i just called Samsung and they offered to fix it for free
  3. AK1021

    AK1021 Active Member

    I had this problem too. I tried everything I read about and nothing worked. I had the phone replaced and haven't had a single problem since.
  4. iskortch

    iskortch Well-Known Member

    I had the same problem. Went back to AT&T (within my 30 days) and exchanged it. Later, I found a few postings where some said it had something to do a Flash Player needing to be updated. Check to see if your Flash has an update and install. See if that does anything.

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