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  1. PhilipGodfrey

    PhilipGodfrey New Member

    Camera fails to operate some of the time on my Samsung Galaxy Gio. Error message: ErrorMessageHandler.handleMessage(-1)
    I would appreciate help please

  2. afrowookie

    afrowookie Member

    Hi Phillip, this is exactly what's happening to my wifes Gio. Everything about the phone works fine except for the camera. Whenever she decides to use it, it is never reliable, it always gives her that same error message. We have tried downloading other camera apps thinking it might be just the samsung included app that's not initializing the camera. So far the only way we found a fix for this issue is shutting down the phone completely and turning it back on again, then the camera works again. So it does work, but unreliable all the time and very hard to "capture a moment" without having to restart phone.

    Can anyone provide any insight or even better a fix to this issue? How about a firmware update, will this fix the issue?
  3. PinkPatty

    PinkPatty Active Member

    Here's possible solution to your problem.

    If your camera is not working on Samsung Galaxy and displays the message as “WARNING : CAMERA FAILED” then try the possible solution to fix the camera problem.

    Method 1:
    Try to reset the device to Factory settings.

    Method 2:
    Format your Memory card. Note: backup important files.

    Method 3:
    Update your Samsung Galaxy to new firmware because your old firmware what you have currently on your phone can have bugs.If the update is not available then erase your phone fully and flash the phone.

    Method 4:
    Disable the Location option in your Samsung Galaxy.
  4. afrowookie

    afrowookie Member

    Hi thanks for the solutions, i have tried them all, except for upgrading firmware. Because i phone is already at the latest at 2.3.4, and my Samsung Kies app says there are newer updates for the phone. Now if i root the phone and install an up to date custom ROM, do you think the custom Roms would fix the camera issue?

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