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  1. SandraLee

    SandraLee Member

    Why does the camera re-use file names? How can I turn off this feature? I want the file names to be sequential. It seems to reuse file names of photos I've deleted.

    Any thoughts?

  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Interesting problem that I haven't noticed. I created folders under the photo directory which in essence creates albums which I move my photos into for some organization and ease of viewing/finding. I have a scanner which uses the same problem which you found with the phone and I dislike it for the very reasons you point out. I know of no work around however beyond renaming all of your files or creating sub folders. I see no naming options available with the camera software.
    Maybe somebody knows of a better option for you.
  3. Nwhysee

    Nwhysee New Member

    I'm having the same issues! I always transfer my files to PC and of course they want to overwrite the older files. I can't believe my new Rezound has this fabulous camera and such primitive file naming, so I have to rename all the files???? UGH. This is really stupid and I'm surprised more folks don't complain!

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