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  1. cmj556

    cmj556 New Member

    I can't find my jpg camera images anywhere on the SD card. In the DCIM folder, there's only a .thumbnails folder which contains the tiny versions. That folder contains a 108MB .thumbdata3- file.

    When mounting the phone in Windows Explorer (Win 7), I can't find them in any other directories. A search on the whole card for .jpg only finds the thumbs, photos taken by the Facebook app, and the stock images that shipped with the phone.

    However, when I go to the gallery and email a pic, the full size 1+ MB image gets sent to my Gmail. The gallery image details lists the path as /mnt/sdcard/DCIM/100ANDRO/DSC_0XXX.jpg but that folder doesn't show up in the explorer. Yes, Windows Explorer is set to show hidden files and folders, as well as system files. It doesn't matter whether I use Media transfer mode (MTP) or Mass storage mode (MSC).

    This started about the time I upgraded my Xperia Pro from 4.0.3 to 4.0.4, but I don't know for sure this is caused by that. Any idea where my pictures are hiding? Any way to get them without emailing each one to myself?

  2. honza1

    honza1 New Member

    Exactly same problem
    Can anybody please help?
  3. cmj556

    cmj556 New Member

    It didn't work for me for several months, and then one day the images were visible right where they should be in the DCIM folder. I didn't change any settings, that I know of. I noticed it after I moved and switched to a new SIM card, so that might be related.

    In the interim, the workaround I used was to allow Facebook to sync my photos. They would upload automatically to a private folder every time I was on WiFi, and then I could download them to my computer in batches.
  4. honza1

    honza1 New Member

    I got xperia s with build in memory so I cant change the sdcard.
    nobody seems to know solution to this. I have wasted whole day to find it but no luck. All this resending and copying to other folders and servers is a pain.
    I hate when computers/phones dont work properly.(((

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