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  1. papermonkey01

    papermonkey01 Well-Known Member

    First I apologize if someone is already discussing this, I couldn't find it anywhere. After the phone app/lockscreen update I cannot get the camera or camcorder apps to open. They FC without even the pop-up to report the issue. Any ideas?

  2. JimKnuckles

    JimKnuckles Well-Known Member

    My camera apps are there, but my phone app is gone. Bummer
  3. papermonkey01

    papermonkey01 Well-Known Member

    I mean the camera doesn't work now. It fc's every time i try to open it
  4. probinson

    probinson Well-Known Member

    Try a factory reset.
  5. gruvmyster01

    gruvmyster01 New Member

    Dude my 3D is doing the same thing... If you've already set up your phone do NOT do a factory reset. I sat on the phone with Sprint for an hour yesterday and I went from customer svc. to tech support, to advanced tech support and they have no clue what is causing it. They took me through sending updates to the phone while the battery was out 3 times, then finally did a factory reset and ended up creating a ticket for me to go into the nearest Sprint repair and service center. This sucks!!! I got it working out of the box, now all I see is the little white camera icon in the center of the screen when I try to open the camera app, but then it just sits on a black screen until it either force closes or just goes back to the app tray.

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  6. Bnice

    Bnice Guest

    Oh really. You went from tech support to advanced tech support. I find your credibility in question seeing that you have one post and what you posted.
  7. gruvmyster01

    gruvmyster01 New Member

    That's fine, I'm offering my personal experience. All I suggested was to proceed with caution, I'm still setting my phone back up the way I had it before took me 2 hours after deleting all my apps, configurations etc. The # of posts I have on here is irrelevant...I linked to Android Forums from google after searching the issue and this is the one place I found anyone else experiencing the same problem.

    Questioning my credibility based on what I said previously is not warranted. I'm no newbie, I just prefer to frequent Android Central and Xda as opposed to Android forums. So again I say...I was xferred from Sprint Cust. svc to tech support and after trying various updates and repeatedly being told to remove my battery while they pushed updates to the phone, I was transferred yet again to what they called "Advanced" tech support and spoke with someone named Robert who like the first 2 people ran through a bunch of pointless steps with me only to wind up saying well it looks like you've "got a defective model possibly." But after seeing this post, I realize now that my camera didn't cease to function until after I installed the OTA updates.

    So if you don't have an Evo 3D, or if have one but you don't have this particular issue and you're not offering any USEFUL information, please keep your ridiculous comments and negativity to yourself, as I sir, question your credibility after having said something so entirely counter-productive.

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  8. papermonkey01

    papermonkey01 Well-Known Member

    Actually, as annoying as a factory reset is, it fixed the problem. Sprint tech support will only get you so far, esspecially since this was really spotless or HTC programing issue. Doing things like using astro's app backup and mybackuppro for settings, as well as using some of the apps individual backup options made the whole process take less than 30 min.
  9. gruvmyster01

    gruvmyster01 New Member

    Did you use the ##786# method (SVN) or another way? That's what they had me do and it didn't fix anything...
  10. DJ.Topicality

    DJ.Topicality New Member

    I had this issue a few minutes ago, the camera application FC'd immediately upon opening the application. A regular reset of the phone (power off/on, not factory) managed to fix it, but when I reset the phone, my keyboard proceeded to disappear, but still respond to input when I tried to type something in the space it normally occupied, until I FC'd the keyboard application which reset THAT issue. I had to look up the solution here (Issue 15311 - android - Keyboard keeps crashing/breaking - Gingerbread 2.3.3 - Nexus One - Android - An Open Handset Alliance Project - Google Project Hosting), so its apparently an OS issue, not confined just to the 3D.
  11. Da5hiz

    Da5hiz New Member

    First off go to settings/Applications/manage applications/running/all/camera. Now clear data and shut down. Now for good measure remove battery for 10 seconds (may not be needed). Now, restart your phone and then remove camera shortcut so you are not tempted to use it anymore. The trick now, even though I agree it's lame, is that the camera has to be launched by holding the right side camera button for a few seconds in 2d mode instead of launching from camera app. I haven't done too much research of why this is the only work around but I did find out that there is no connection between the firmware update and the camera.
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  12. alanmv567

    alanmv567 New Member

    hmmm, i will try that and report back to see if this help, thanks :)

    Edit:nope it still froze on me.....bummer
  13. jbryson

    jbryson New Member

    Hey y'all i deleted all of the sample 2D and 3D pictures and videos that came with the phone through my computer when it was charging on the USB cable and when I removed the cable and tried to use the camera function, all I see is a black screen with no options. The only thing to do is go back to the home screen. Anyone experienced something similar or know a fix? Is there an easy way to reload the original software and specs? 'Preciate it.

  14. ianatkinson

    ianatkinson New Member

    I had the same problem. Just turn off the phone and take out the battery for a couple seconds. Because when you turn it off it's still technically on and using battery life not restarting all your apps but when you take out the battery it completely restarts the phone. I hope I helped.
  15. MoniQ

    MoniQ New Member

    Thanks, your fix worked for me. btw, I just did the restart, taking out the battery wasn't necessary.

    Moni S.
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  16. gwpinetree

    gwpinetree New Member

    This worked for me.

    Simply turning the phone off and on did not work.


    (Now if we can only learn why this problem is occurring...)

  17. megalead

    megalead New Member

    I had the same problem, the camera would go to black screen. I fixed my
    just five minutes ago by shutting off phone, but don't shut it off, I pressed the restart button option on the exit screen. Restart will clear all
    your data, shutting off will not.:rolleyes:
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  18. Alivallo

    Alivallo New Member

    No need to factory reset

    Backup all your Stuff first.

    Power off/on did not work for me.
    I went to 'settings' did an HTC update... all was good after that.
    You may also try a firmware update if available (and feeling brave)

    You can also try 1. resetting then 2. power-off then take the battery out for 30 seconds
  19. blondepuddytat

    blondepuddytat New Member

    I just got off of the phone with Verizon. I called because the front camera on my HTC Android Incredible 2 stopped working quite a few months ago when the phone did it's own little "update." After the taking the battery off, and re programming, it still doesn't work. According to the rep at VZW, the updates come from the manufacturer and cannot be stopped. Also she said that the camera issue is a known problem and their solution is to send the phone back & get a new one. If she knew this, then why did she spend 30 minutes making me fiddle with the phone?? I have several problems with this, as the phone is not recognizing when it is plugged into the computer so that I can backup photos, contacts, etc. Also, the inability to back up text messages is a bummer. This solution is no solution at all, and I think that with all of these "updates" from the manufaturer, HTC should be focusing on fixing their blunders before updating anything else. HTC needs to start asking for our feedback! If you are thinking about switching service providers, do not goto Verizon ever!
  20. DMc2012

    DMc2012 New Member

    Thank you all! I had the same camera problem as above. Powering off and removing the battery did not work, nor did avoiding the camera app. Restarting, rather than powering off did the trick!
    .....And I thought it was because I dropped it yesterday!;)
  21. IsThatMyMom

    IsThatMyMom New Member

    Hallelujah! The factory-installed camera on my htc EVO 3D stopped working this morning. Sprint just replaced my EVO 3D last week because of a defective screen, so the thought of having to go through the replacement process again was not appealing.

    Your simple, yet precise directions which 100% fixed my camera issue, made my day/night! I'm astounded!

    Thank you so much!
  22. dannydigi

    dannydigi New Member

    Download CAMERA EFFECTS from market and just use that!
  23. tcmathi

    tcmathi New Member

    thank u for your post, now my camera is working, i did clear data and then restart...
  24. autotron

    autotron New Member

    Has anyone found a fix for this that works?
    Someone gave me this phone, evo 3d, i did a factory reset and unlocked it (i dont like rogers)
    everything seems to work fine except camera, if i tap the camera link the camera image flashes on the screen for a second then returns to home screen, the same goes if i hold the side camera button, i have tried rebooting, restarting, remove battery, remove shortcut, factory reset again and downloaded camera effects, nothing works.
    if i try using camera effects i get a warning box saying
    camera error
    cannot connect to camera
    i tried update and get no updates available.
    its android version 4.0.3, htc sense version 3.6 software number 3.28.631.1

    any help would be appreciated

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