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Camera often has trouble focusingSupport

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  1. SafeNafe

    SafeNafe New Member

    Hi, new to the forum, did a search but couldnt find anything on this so im thinking maybe its just me?

    Sometimes when in both camera mode and video mode it take a while to focus and sometimes i get the red square. Doesnt really happen in good bright daylight but it happens sometimes where i think the light should be adequate.

    anyone else experiencing similar issues.


  2. Tyseyh

    Tyseyh Well-Known Member

    I've had a few occasions where it's focused perfectly fine, them I get the red square and it pops out of focus.

    To be fair though, my compact camera does it too.
  3. heavensenttom

    heavensenttom Well-Known Member

    I've had this too. It'll focus, then drop, then focus again, then drop. Quite annoying.

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