Camera on records 720p at 24fps!!!

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  1. Supraman21

    Supraman21 Well-Known Member

    The only problem I have with this phone is its video recording capabilities. This is 2010 where all these new phones are coming out with hd video recording. The majority of these phones record hd at 30fps. Ive scene the test videos and they are choppy an over saturated. Im sorry to compare the X to the iPhone but its the best example. Why put a 8 mega pixel camera with shitty optics while also ruining the curvature of the phone ( the big hump ) if it cant even stack up to the competition. Ive heard a Motorola rep say that the hump is there so the camera can fit. Really? The iPhone 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S are both thinner and have a higher quality camera that shoots at 30fps. Yea movies are made in 24p but thats whole different thing. They $100,000 cameras with motion blur. Thats why tv and movies look so much different. Its the frame rate. I just wish to make enough noise to make Motorola come out with a firmware update to fix this or maybe XDA.

  2. Vihzel

    Vihzel Destroying Balls Everyday VIP Member

    Good luck. The Samsung Galaxy S has higher quality outdoors in bright day but in low-light conditions, it fails in comparison to the Droid X, even with it recording at 30FPS. FPS isn't what determines the "quality".

    Keep in mind that that HD recording camera phones are essentially just coming out now... starting with the HTC EVO. Maybe you should go make a similar post there about why its video quality is much lower. Unless... you just want to troll on this forum.
  3. Whiteboyx69

    Whiteboyx69 Well-Known Member

    The phones cleavage has grown on me from the reviews... at first i was like YUCK but now i kinda dig it. The video camera is great, sure it could be a LITTLE better but no phone is perfect. No the iphone is not perfect you can't hold it normally with out reception issues.
  4. DKYang

    DKYang Well-Known Member

    Come on now, if you expect great lens on a phone, then you need to go to Nokia or Sony Ericsson; known for the best camera phones on the market.

    Just go buy a $100 flip camera if video camera is so important to you.

    Since I have not seen the settings for video camera on the phone yet, I can't judge it fully yet, but I'm not expecting SUPERB video either.
  5. Supraman21

    Supraman21 Well-Known Member

    Im clearly trolling. Im sure you haven't been on the internet long enough to know what trolling is with that last comment

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