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  1. Babalistic

    Babalistic New Member

    So I've seen a couple references to this problem, but not much in the way of concrete solutions. Basically, sometimes when I take a picture it appears distorted and/or pixelated in half the image, like so:


    But the weird part is that the thumbnail both on the computer and in the phone gallery appears perfectly normal:


    Any idea what the deal is here? It doesn't happen all the time - indeed, not even that frequently - but when it does it's pretty annoying.

  2. Babalistic

    Babalistic New Member

    Sorry to bump this; I can tell that clearly it's getting a lot of views, but has no one heard of this problem before?
  3. weirdtop360

    weirdtop360 New Member

    I'm having this same issue. Have you figured the problem out, or does anyone else by chance know what's going on?

    It only does it from time to time. No real pattern to it or anything. Thumbnails are perfectly fine. The photos will randomly appear normal as well, but then go back to this.

    I was convinced my phone was haunted there for a

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