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  1. Skajme

    Skajme Well-Known Member

    The camera on my phone looks really messed up. there's green lines going vertically down the screen and the picture is very distorted. Anyone else had this problem, or have any idea what it could be?

  2. PhusioN

    PhusioN New Member

    i had that problem with a week old SXE as well as not been able to record, it would just crash and go back to home screen, tried rebooting which didnt solve it, took it back to the shop and sales rep seen the green lines and rebooted, low and behold it was back to normal so i started kicking off so he shut me up with a new phone, blagged a free 16gb card as well :D
  3. ladious

    ladious Member

    i had this problem also, but when i tired rebooted more 2 times , the camera back to normal already . i don't know to get warranty from shop ,cause it was back to normal.
  4. Skajme

    Skajme Well-Known Member

    yeah i did a battery pull and reboot and it seems to have gone away. Still an odd problem though in the first place :S
  5. austeno

    austeno New Member


    I used the camera for the first time at the weekend and I had the same

    problem with green vertical lines, it is really frustrating and annoying that

    this problem exists and noone is warned about it.

    The camera was able to take pictures, however the videos that I recorded

    fail to play.

    I was wondering if anyone had found a way to get the videos to play?

    In my expereince Android normally records in MP4, however the videos are

    recorded in 3gp format, but none of my media players will recognise them

    and non of the standard converters will convert them.

    I would really like if possible to rescue the videos, and was wondering if

    anyone had succesfully rescued their videos?

  6. robmasoboy

    robmasoboy Member

    Strangely today I opened up my camera and there was number of vertical lines running down the screen. I can see a few people have had issues with this on the Sensation.

    1. I turned off the phone
    2. took out the battery
    3. Gave it a bit of a clean.
    4. Restarted the phone again
    5. Tested out the camera and WALLAH all good again.

    Strange how that has happened. I am a bit worried that the camera is failing?\
  7. oliglock

    oliglock New Member

    I've had the same problem twice now, the first time I did a battery pull and it went away, now three weeks later I've had the problem again, my phone was running darkforest mod ics at the time with sense 3.6, I backtracked to this from CM9 because of the camera problems I found with the AOSP interface.

    I couldn't get the lines to go away no matter how many reboots and battery pulls I did, and clearing caches/data didn't help either.

    Now I'm back on CM9 with no camera at all. :(

    No matter what version of AOSP ICS I install, whenever I take a picture, all I get in the gallery is a blank, black image, and if I try to view it, I just get stuck on a loading screen until the gallery app crashes. This happens with every release of CM9 I can find. The only thing I can think to do is copy my friend's working camera.apk off his sensation.

    Anyone else have any ideas or has experienced anything similar?
  8. rohail1984

    rohail1984 New Member

    i have a new sensation xe. but whenever i press the camera app, it crashes down n the camera doesnt work n im sent back to home screen. what should i do
  9. jesse85

    jesse85 New Member

    i have also this same problem, if you get solution for this please tell me.
  10. GuntreddiprudV

    GuntreddiprudV New Member

    I had a similar problem and freaked out for some time. the moment i press camera it returns to the home screen. i just blindly switched off,removed the battery and restarted it. God's grace it started behaving normal. Moment of tranquil........:) Reply if it worked for you...
  11. ka2ed

    ka2ed New Member

    hi my phon is htc sensation xe with beats ana my camera does not work each time .it work as it wont one time work and ten times do not, i make software to my phon i make scan in ic and no thing ddepend so is ther any one now what ihave to doo plz plz help mee

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