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  1. oddfeld

    oddfeld Member


    Being my first post im sorry if this has been asked before but I cant find help anywhere on the net.

    I've used CamScanner to scan a 9 page set of bank statements but I need to make the PDF that has been created smaller (all the pages need to stay together and Id rather not use a lower res camera setting too).

    Any ideas at all would be great?



  2. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    CamScanner also makes scans as pictures file format. So you could use a collage app to mend the pictures of your bank statements to a single picture and then let CamScanner create a PDF of it.

    I'd use KD Collage.
    It has a template for nine pictures like you asked :)

  3. oddfeld

    oddfeld Member

    Thanks for the quick reply Harry :)

    Sounds quite handy but this situation will be ongoing for our reps that go out and visit customers. They might have 20+ pages to scan and then need to email them back to the office?

    I think I need some software that doesn't exist? lol


  4. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    Hi Kev, I've re-read your post and now I think that you might not know about the CamScanner option to scan several pages and create a single PDF file of it ?

    Sorry, but I'd to ask ;)

  5. oddfeld

    oddfeld Member

    LOL I never make myself very clear.

    I do know about that thanks but a high res scan of say 9 pages makes 1 pdf of about 8 - 12mb. When the guys have poor mobile internet coverage its a pain to try and email a file that size.

    We've had some people complain files that size cause problems with their serve too???

    Hope that makes more sense as to why i want to compress it? :)

    Thanks again

  6. oddfeld

    oddfeld Member

  7. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    Because the scanned PDF's are images, to compress the PDF to a, say, ZIP wouldn't make the file any smaller.

    The images of text, as pic, could be compessed easy, with a resizer like Resize (Lite).
    But that would be to take some additionally steps before converting to PDF ... practicable?
    A PDF creater that would resize the images automatically would be a good thing ;)

  8. oddfeld

    oddfeld Member

    I've been looking at Resize and similar but I think im taking too many pics and trying to squeeze them in to just the one PDF.

    Thanks for you help, ill post my solution once I find it :)
  9. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    Did you find a solution in meantime?

    CamScanner got an update, now you could choose the resolution of the cam for to take the project's pics.

    The phone's cam app resolution settings won't be changed.

  10. peterko

    peterko Member

    Have you tried docLinker app?

    I think you could achieve what you are trying to do. You can scan a document and then add resizable images as bank statements in the background and then finally convert into a PDF document.

    You can install from:

    Video how it works: docLinker Scan & Fill PDF - YouTube

    Good luck!


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