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  1. sharxbyte

    sharxbyte Member

    So, About 6 months ago, My camera stopped working after I dropped the Evo. It would just go to a black screen, and either freeze, or crash to desktop. I recently spent $20 on a new camera module, and once installed, the problem was fixed. Earlier this week, I dropped the Evo again, and it took a hard fall, and the camera stopped working. This morning, I noticed that the camera module was *****ing. The lens would click open and closed repeatedly. I pulled the battery and restarted it, and the same thing happened. This got me thinking that it could be a loos connection. The module is held to the motherboard by a thin sheet metal clasp that must be popped off to replace the camera. Apparently what happened when I dropped it (at least this time, probably last time) was that the module was shaken loose of its setting, JUST enough to stop working. To test my theory, I popped off the outer lens face and pushed firmly on all four sides, and sure enough, it popped back into place. When I turned it on it worked again. Hopefully this helps someone else who has had this happen.

    Now (I think) I have an extra camera module that I payed $20 for... O well.

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  2. saywhatt

    saywhatt Well-Known Member

    get it checked on the service center bro :O that sounds some serious hardware problems

    -if this helped, hit thanks! :D
  3. tube517

    tube517 Well-Known Member Contributor

    That is a common issue w/the EVO camera. Usually if you push it back in, it fixes it. Good to hear it's working again.
  4. gbuffum

    gbuffum New Member

    Pushing the camera in definitely worked for me. Thanks for sharing this great info! :)
  5. runningdevil

    runningdevil New Member

    Thank you! That totally worked!!!

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