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  1. heston208

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    If, like me, you were frustrated with the lack of features such as zoom on the Tab try Vignette.

    The free trial version may be enough for many but the full version only costs

  2. Beards

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  3. heston208

    heston208 Member

    Many apologies Beards, I'm totally new to this site and am still struggling to find my way around.

    My young neighbour has just introduced me to Whatsapp so we can share photos etc for free. I can't find any reference to it on this Android Forum but am a bit loath to recommend it if someone has already done so as in the case of the Vignette!

    I'm really enjoying my Tab and hope it will replace my Eee for travelling. The Whatsapp will be particularly useful then.

    I wish you a very Happy New Year

  4. Beards

    Beards Well-Known Member

    No problem Bella, it's a very common and easy mistake to make.
    If the search does not bring up any answers the next best way of finding out if the topic has already been created is when you start to create a new topic as soon as you have inserted the heading for the new topic and click into the text entry box you will notice above a list of all other topics that have or share the same or similar topical information.

    I did this for Whatsapp and it brought up 5 topics created for Whatsapp.
    Two were in the Android Applications, one in the Samsung Galaxy S, one in the HTC Wildfire and a further one in the HTC Desire sections.
    Similarly if you type in Pingchat you will find five topics in the Android section and one in the HTC Incredible section that also mention Whatapp.

    It's a grey line to cross when you have to create another new topic when it's already been created, as quite often the main sections (Android Applications) although not entirely in created in the specific topic (Galaxy Tab in this case) are good enough to continue using.
    The only time you need to create a new topic that has already been created in a different sub-topic is when the subject matter only relates to the sub-topic in question (as in the Galaxy Tab for this example).:)

    Re Whatsapp, it's an interesting App, just a shame they charge you for the service after the first year.
    Many others use Pingchat instead but it too has it's drawbacks ~ noticably Pingchat has an horrendous customer services where you simply can not get an answer back from them and one issue which many have complained of (again with no reply) is when you receive a message it goes straight to your notification window and shows the message.
    This for some is not wanted as it allows others to see your personal messages. Unfortunately there is no way to disable notifications and as said support are non-existent.

    Anyway, by all means, if you think your question has a strong relation to the Galaxy Tab, create it but have a look in the topics already created on Whatsapp first just to make sure anything you wish to point out or ask has not already been covered.
    To help save you searching for the links here are the relevant five topics already created on Whatsapp.

    And here's one on Pingchat (there are again others but this one has interesting info on Whatsapp as well).

    All the Best
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