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  1. ab1203

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    I read the other forum questions regarding cameras and I couldnt see one that quiote matched my problem. I have 2 new samsung galaxy portal phones running android 2.1. Overall they are absolutely fantastic but the camera when we are outside and its sunny the screen and resulting photo is a completely white screen/image - if I flip to camcorder the picture is fine :confused: . I am not sure if there is a setting I can change to make it good ? Any help would be so appreciated - my wife is thinking of going back to her nokia as the camera on that works fine :mad:

  2. XplosiV

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    What way up works best? i get the impression that manufacturers like people to use the cameras on their phone, with the phone 'on its side' so if anything, they seem to tend to gear menus and settings for this view by default.

    If thats what you have a problem with, then I'm not sure you'll find many phones that don't do this, but don't take my word for it.

    It could also be your 'white balance' click on the cog looking icon in the bottom left of camera mode (settings button) and check that 'white balance' is set to auto - or if its on auto, try a manual setting instead.
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  3. ab1203

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    I will try the white balance option tomorrow as that sounds like it may fix the problem as indoors the camera is fine. Thanks for your help.
  4. Grazuncle

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    have you set ISO to its highest rating.. 400? and the light is too bright for that sensitivity?
    is this the same indoors?

    more info, please

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