Camera with Exposure / Focus LOCK?

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  1. Lefort1

    Lefort1 Well-Known Member

    I've tried searching but can't find ANY available apps that allow exposure and focus to be locked once set. It would be nice to set and be able to re-frame the picture without the camera automatically hunting and adjusting everything.

    Any developers working on something like this?

  2. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

  3. JonYoder

    JonYoder New Member

    I wanted to bump this because it's been an annoyance I've had with Android FOREVER! I love the Android platform and the more open system, but if I recommend an Android phone I have to also say that the picture taking is crap.

    To my knowledge, Vignette is the best camera app for Android. It's a great app and has lots of nice effects, but it doesn't have exposure lock or selective exposure. To change exposure on Vignette: use gimmicky hold and drag to options, scroll down to exposure, then adjust +/- to where you want the exposure to be. If you didn't guess correctly, you have to repeat this awful process.

    "Use a DSLR" seems to be the appropriate response...or maybe "get an iPhone." ;-) It's almost annoying how many great iPhone apps there are that are better than ANYTHING on Android: the stock camera app has better exposure control, Camera+, Awesome, and Instagram (not sure about this one...just a guess).

    That's my little rant. ;) I keep hoping that an update to Vignette will add better features like this, but they're always just bug fixes for new phones. Maybe if Instagram ever comes out, they'll actually try.

    ~ Jon
  4. New Daddy

    New Daddy Active Member

    I'm bumping up this thread because I'm in the same situation as described in the OP.

    So nothing has sprung up yet in the past 9 months? It looks like the iOS ecosystem has at least two camera apps that do what the OP and I are lookiing for. ( &

    Is this a technically challenging feature for developers to add? Is this an inherent OS hurdle that Google has to clear first before developers can do something? Very intrigued that Android can't do what even the cheapest P&S camera can do.
  5. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

  6. New Daddy

    New Daddy Active Member

    Well, not exactly what I'm looking for, but it appears to be a very fine camera app nonetheless.

    What I was looking for is to separate the exposure and focus in the same frame without doing expose-and-recompose. The two iOS camera apps that I put the links for will let you do that. With this app (Camera FV-5), you have to use manual exposure compensation. But I like the availability of various metering methods provided by this app.

  7. GrouchoM

    GrouchoM Well-Known Member

    Does Camera Zoom FX do this with Android 4.0+?
  8. New Daddy

    New Daddy Active Member

    Unfortunately no. Camera Zoom FX has far less controls than some other camera apps.

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