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  1. candi3188

    candi3188 Well-Known Member

    Up until recently, my GS3 was set to save all my pictures to my SD card. Now it won't save them there. I get an error to the effect of "Cannot write file in SD card. Changed default storage to phone." However, other camera apps will save photos to the the SD card just fine.Has anyone else had this issue? And does anyone have any idea how to fix it?

  2. dynomot

    dynomot Well-Known Member

    Try clearing the camera cache and data. If you've set up your camera with different short cuts etc it will revert to default settings.

    Settings>application manager>all>camera and clear cache and data.
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  3. alidothaider

    alidothaider New Member

    i have the same problem and i tried all this but everytime i take a picture from the camera on my S4 it says cannot write file on SD card, and changes the storage from sd card to device.. help please this is getting frustrating
  4. WAWood8

    WAWood8 Well-Known Member

    Have you tried otherwise saving files to the SD card? If that works, it's a problem with the camera app. If it does not work, sorry to say this, but that's a good indication that your SD card either has a corrupted file system now, or the card is failing in general.

    I'm on my fourth SD card in my SGS3 -- and have learned the hard way, NOT to trust SD cards in this phone.
  5. olivierm

    olivierm Well-Known Member

    I had exactly the same problem and found I couldn't write (although I could read fine) any file to the card. I was about to order a new one but after backing up its content, I gave it a reformat and it's been fine since. There must have been a corruption to the file system that prevented writing. Hope it helps
  6. boid

    boid New Member

    Okay I know this is late but if anyone stumbles across this post again don't reformat your sd yet. Try changing the read/write permissions first. This is usually the problem and will save you losing or having to back up your whole sd card. Also, there are sometimes multiple paths to the sd card, especially if it's not formatted. Be sure to check all of them. Peace

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