camera wont take pics // "memory full"

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  1. jeckalantern

    jeckalantern New Member

    No matter how many pics I delete (without deleting all), I can not take any pictures w/ my x10. I do not have a pc yet to free up space on my sd card. Are there any solutions? This is ridiculous, I cant access my sd card content via my phone to even delete anything, I <i>can</i> delete pictures off my phone, but apparently that doenst enable my camera to function. Please help!

  2. First, are you saving your camera pictures to the sd card or the internal storage?

    Second, how much free memory do you have on the internal storage and the sd card? Go to menu-settings-sd and phone storage to see.

    Third, unfortunately, if it says your memory is full, then its full, and you will need to delete stuff if you want to keep taking pictures. If you dont have a pc, you could always borrow a friends and burn to a cd, or just email the pictures to yourself.
  3. sonofaresiii

    sonofaresiii Well-Known Member

    I agree with ^

    But on another note, since I don't feel like making a new thread and am not THAT concerned with it... does anyone know offhand how I could mount my android phone (internal storage, not sd card) to my Mac so I can run a grand perspective scan on it?

    p.s. in case you're wondering, this is somewhat related to the OP because if he can run a grand perspective scan he can see what's really eating his memory

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