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Camera Zooming !Support

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  1. Mr.X

    Mr.X Active Member

    Is there away to zoom on xperia play standard camera & video camera .....as i cant get it to zoom on any ?

  2. Ncaissie

    Ncaissie Well-Known Member

    Dude why don't you read the manual? You are asking all these basic questions on normal use. The best part of getting new hardware is figuring stuff out.
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  3. Mr.X

    Mr.X Active Member

    is there a zoom ?
  4. PhilosoRaptor

    PhilosoRaptor Well-Known Member

    Lol, indeed. I just called him out for it in one of his other 10 threads too.

    Yes, there's a zoom, dude. It's digital zoom and it's not hard to find by hitting the menu while using the camera.
  5. DeadlyDazza

    DeadlyDazza Well-Known Member

    Although it doesn't really zoom, just crops the image.
  6. Mr.X

    Mr.X Active Member

    lol still cant get it to zoom ....lol
  7. Mr.X

    Mr.X Active Member

    can any 1 suggest any apps that zoom video cam and stanard cam zoom apps .........tryed searching in market but cant find any good ones ......

    the one i have on the phone is -

    PRO Zoom Camera 5X

    can any 1 suggest me any other ........
  8. Ncaissie

    Ncaissie Well-Known Member

    You can't zoom on it because it doesn't have a lens that will zoom. It will only do a digital zoom no matter what software you use.
  9. Sarge17

    Sarge17 New Member

  10. Sarge17

    Sarge17 New Member

  11. sofiablak

    sofiablak Well-Known Member

    Pro Zoom Dosent Work- & there is no other application which works with Xperia Play & Zoom dosent work on application - If Zoom is not available on HARD WARE -- no software in the world will allow you to zoom through it :D

    "Zoom Is Not Supported By Hardware of Xperia Play"

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