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CamWay Beta

  1. dogaozkaraca

    dogaozkaraca New Member

    I'm developing new android app.

    It takes photos and does effects on it.

    First Android Application Project From Project Smyrna
    Our Objective is Develop Fast and Simple Photography Application
    CamWay is still Beta and we are working on it.

    -Share your photos using e-mail, twitter, facebook, and other social networks
    -You can apply more than 20 effects.
    -We will provide an update Everyday.(App is still beta)
    -Easy and Fast App
    -Instant preview of all effects

    ScreenShots :



    I need beta testers. :)

    Here is playstore link : http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.project.smyrna.camway

    I will follow here.Your feedback is important for me. :D

  2. dogaozkaraca

    dogaozkaraca New Member

    nobody tried ??

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