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Can a DX connect to wifi without a service plan?

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  1. Outlaw71

    Outlaw71 Well-Known Member

    I was just thinking about how incredible this device is, and about how it costs as much or more than many laptops/tablets (without a 2 year plan). Then it dawned on me that when the time comes this summer for me to pick up a new toy, I would love to be able to perhaps give this badboy to my son to use as an ipod/mini computer to browse the web on. I mean what a shame it would be to turn this sucker in for a measly $50 credit! You can't buy anything remotely this cool for... well hell even $100 - $150.

    But I don't really know if these things work once they're no longer activated on the Verizon network. Does anyone know anything about that? This is definitely the first cellular device I've ever really wanted to keep after I was ready to upgrade. It's just that they went and built this daggon thing so well that I can't see getting rid of it even when it's no longer the greatest thing on the market.

    It would make an incredible MP3 player. With my 'MusicJunk' app on it, you can simply search for any song you want, download it, and play it all within seconds, and all free... try that one on for size Apple!

  2. Knewz

    Knewz Well-Known Member

    "Can a DX connect to wifi without a service plan?"
    short answer, yes. Phone is fully functional without plan except for the radio, 4g/3g/1x, and whatever services that carrier offers( such as vzNavigator)
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  3. jwdroid

    jwdroid New Member

    I did that with my deactivated droid the other day. Turned the wifi on and was able to surf the web and stuff. It even updated my weather widget.
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  4. StrifeJester

    StrifeJester Well-Known Member

    Yeah I run both my OG Droid and my new Droid X all the time. The on thing i would definitely recommend is to turn the phone to airplane mode, you will have to manually set the clock since it will no longer update from the cellular network but placing it airplane mode i get days of battery life from my phone now. Its great in a pinch if my Droid X dies i pull out my 5 Spot and use google talk and google voice on my OG with no issues. The one thing that I have yet to get a solid answer about is using google talk on both, can i go back and forth and just whichever device i pull out first? I know that having google talk running on my PC sometimes i miss messages on my phone, they are only displayed on the PC. With your son getting the X though this shouldn't be an issue just remember to throw it into airplane mode.
  5. twister6

    twister6 Guides Guide

    How about GPS? The GPS receiver shouldn't be deactivated, and you can always update maps through wi-fi. Of course, you will not get real time traffic updates, but I think it should still work as Nav unit similar to Garmin, right? My only concerns is that recently I called VZW customer service asking about my data usage, and they quoted a hefty number enough to justify unlimited data plan. I don't use my phone to download movies or as hot spot, but I do use it to/from work as Nav to stay up to the minute with traffic. That is the only source of data usage, so it made me think if GPS would work or not without 3G service?
  6. Knewz

    Knewz Well-Known Member

    gps will work. use google maps
  7. Outlaw71

    Outlaw71 Well-Known Member

    That's super cool! Hells yeah, so once I get another device I can simply fire up the hot spot and he'll be able to connect to the web no matter where we are. That's so awesome. I think the cellphone industry is really changing things. I mean up until this point I've always considered my phones as disposable merchandise... as soon as I upgraded to something else my old phone got tossed. But todays smart phones are freakin amazing machines. WAY too cool to simply throw away once you've moved on to the next thing.

    I'm sure this thing will seem dated in a year or two, but it can still serve the purpose as an MP3 player/web browser for years to come. Plus watch movies on, play games on, etc...

    Thanks fellas!
  8. WTF

    WTF Well-Known Member

    Hey this is a great thing to know! Right now I have basically a backup to my notebook and netbook computers should I ever need it - and that won't be confined to active service of the DX with Verizon - very cool :D
  9. wxman2003

    wxman2003 Well-Known Member

    Download text plus and he can text anyone for free from any place that has wifi.
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  10. Outlaw71

    Outlaw71 Well-Known Member

    The sweetest part is so long as I'm around with my new device, I'll be able to launch my hotspot and let him connect to the wifi signal I'm pumping out.

    It just doesn't get any better than that!
  11. rehpyc

    rehpyc Well-Known Member

    Google updating their maps to have the maps cached on the phone was a hugggeeee plus. When I eventually upgrade to a new phone, it's nice knowing I'll forever be able to make the DX a permanent GPS & music player device in the car.
  12. darkcyber

    darkcyber Well-Known Member

    Just think of a deactivated Droid as an WiFi only IPad (an IDroid), it would basically be the same thing, it just uses WiFi when it is near to one and no connection when it's not.
  13. simrick

    simrick Member

    I just got a DX from someone who had it deactivated by VZW - I have it connected to my wifi at home, but no web pages will open, gmail will not connect - nothing. What am I doing wrong? I wanted to use it to surf at home, play games, etc....like an iDroid! Do I need to revert it to factory settings and bypass registration to get the thing to work?

    UPDATE: It seems that the Droid X prefers WPA-TKIP as opposed to WPA-AES encryption. When I switched my router to TKIP, it worked perfectly. Of course, this meant changing over TVs, computers, Xbox, etc.....what a pain.

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