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  1. 55brianb

    55brianb Member

    Hi everyone

    I have the 7" Galaxy Tab and love it - ok it's not as good as a laptop but it is much more portable and lets me do all I want when I'm out and about. I mostly use the wifi at home and when in coffee shops (which have it) and then when there's no wifi available I switch to Vodafone - I bought one of their PAYG data sims which don't expire or require you to use the data within 30 days, so it's ideal for occasional use and can be topped up when it gets low.

    One thing which I haven't been able to find an answer to is, can I set one of the wifi connections on the Tab as the default (priority) one? I have my own wifi at home and so does my flatmate, and if I've been out with the Tab and come home again, it insists on hooking up to my flatmate's wifi instead of mine. Is there a way, without deleting my flatmate's settings on the Tab, to set my own wifi as the default and give it priority over all other networks in range?

    I thought I saw something when going through the various levels of menus some time ago, but I might have imagined or dreamt it! ;)


  2. wilmer000

    wilmer000 Member

    Cracked it. WrecX free in market allows you to set a preferred AP, and either allow or exclude OPEN AP should you lose signal.

    Re:tasker, basically a full phone API with undocumented GUI. Complex, requires *full* permissions (not my bag!), costs 4GB
  3. Beeblebrok

    Beeblebrok Member

    Go to Wi-Fi settings: from what you say, you'll be connected to you flatmate's network. Click on its name which should give you the opportunity to "forget" that network. It will probably still be detected, but if yours is functioning, the Tab should use it in preference to asking you if you want to connect to a new network it's detected. (I assume you want to leave network notification ticked on, but if not, that would make it more certain.)

  4. wilmer000

    wilmer000 Member

    Have a new tip on this... 'unlock with WiFi' will preferentially lock onto your home WiFi and only look elsewhere if it can't find it. Yes, it unlocks your phone too, but you are at home, so not a huge problem there!
  5. 55brianb

    55brianb Member

    My Tab didn't have that option - I can't check as I no longer have it.

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