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Can a root be deteched

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  1. redjami0

    redjami0 Member

    I rooted my phone(metro) and than i downloaded Kies and it updated Froyo. I was in the middle of flashing my phone when something went wrong and now it's a paper weight, black no response all day long. I contacted Samsung and i'm sending it in for repair since it's still under warranty. So I was wonder would Samsung be able to know it the phone was rooted when they dive into the phone because I know the warranty is void if they can.

  2. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    Depends on what went wrong. If they're able to get it up and running then yes it would be very easy to tell its rooted
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  3. redjami0

    redjami0 Member

    i pray they don't then. lol Thanks.
  4. kingjay2012

    kingjay2012 Well-Known Member

    They will not be able to tell if they flash it back to stock rom but if they find a way to maneuver around it and turn it your in deep sh*t. All they need to see is that android with the pirate patch or to even see the apps that's been downloaded, they'll know. But from what u say u did they will have to flash it back to stock so don't freak just yet. I've done everything to this and Im for sure to this phone is not easy to figure out, so you just might escape with a brand new phone, just be careful next time cuz u can brick this phone in a hot sec.
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  5. redjami0

    redjami0 Member

    yeah now I see that the hard way. I'm still hoping to get away with a new phone thought or this one up and running. Next time i root I'll leave it basic and just turn the 4G off and be done with it.
  6. redjami0

    redjami0 Member

    Happy to say Samsung fixed my phone scott-free and I got my jig in case I brick again.

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