Can Android run in a PC or a PC-like equipment?

  1. IndraG

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    I am sorry if I sound dumb, as I have very limited knowledge about Android, except what I read in the news and that it runs in my brandnew Galaxy phone. I am curious though. I have never heard of Android running in PC or laptop before. Since it is an open source OS, I am wondering if there is a reason for that? Is it simply people just don't run it in PC/laptop, or it is simply can't do so? Is it possible to build a PC-like equipment for it to run? Since it run in tablets, I assume it should not be a problem to do it, should it?

  2. EarlyMon

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  3. karandpr

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    Also CES showcased Intel Medfield x86 based Android Phones :D .
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  4. Dark Reality

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    There's a configuration of Android x86 you can use to get Android up and running in the (free) VMWare player. But it's so slow, it's almost unusable.

    What I want is a widget running Android on my desktop. I want a little Android guy who waves every 10 seconds standing on the taskbar above the clock, maybe other animations, and when I click it, its body grows to 480x800 and Android boots up. I don't care if it's Froyo or Gingerbread or ICS, it really doesn't matter. I'd then like to be able to run apps in it. Take out the phone part, the Bluetooth, WiFi, all that mess I won't need. Or not, but that would be nice. Because some apps on Android are better than the website, just because site assets sit on the phone. I dunno, it would be neat.
  5. SUroot

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    Using the android emulator from the sdk would do most of that surely?

    This has given me an idea, if I compile my Rom as generic (on Linux) my Rom will run in emulation....
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