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Support can any one help with my superpad 3

  1. den001

    den001 New Member

    has any one managed to get their 3g dongle working with their superpad 3 everytime i put the dongle in it asks me for a pin code is their a website i can get this pin code from ????

  2. dart16

    dart16 Well-Known Member

    The default lock code for my orange sim was 0000 Have you tried that?
  3. Mistygreen

    Mistygreen New Member


    I just got a Superpad VI today and tried to connect my dongle and it locked :-( I have tried all the zeros, my Internet pin and puk but they don't work. The tablet won't do anything except let me make emergency calls :-( Does anybody know how to help please?
  4. toscal

    toscal Well-Known Member

    The pin code is supplied with your 3G card. I would stick the card into a phone an set it to stop asking for the pin code.
  5. Mistygreen

    Mistygreen New Member

    Hi. I joined this forum in a blind panic last night because I had just locked my brand new Superpad VI. If you hold the power and home buttons (at the top of the tablet) at the same time for a few seconds it should ask you if you want to reboot. It won't change your settings or anything, just restart.

    I emailed the person who supplied mine and got a very helpful email back simply stating that my tablet is not compatible with internet dongles.. Cheers :)

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