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Can anyone please help? Keyboard shortcut problemGeneral

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  1. kseek

    kseek New Member

    so for some reason my phone has started to do this weird thing where if I hit e on the samsung keyboard it takes me to email, c takes me to contacts, and b takes me to the internet, etc.

    I don't remember turning anything like this on, I just woke up one morning and it was like this...could someone please tell me how to turn it off? Much appreciated

  2. jc1843

    jc1843 Active Member

    Take the battery out for 10 minutes-- that may reset it back to default. :)
  3. ajohrman

    ajohrman New Member

    Yes I have the same irratating problem.
    Sometime I will be in the middle of texting and both the soft keys and slide out keys will activate other programs. UUGGGG!!!! It is a great big pain to exit out of a long text and reboot the Samsung Galaxy S.
    One tip: Download and install Norton Utilities free version for Android.
    Once installed Norton has a relatively quick way to clear the program cache. Its under the program section in Norton.
    I would also like a more permenate and convienent fix.

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