Can anyone see if the free Quake 3 port runs on the One X+General

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  1. SailingAway

    SailingAway New Member

    There is a free Quake 3 port available for Android called kwaak3. If you do a Google search for kwaak3, it'll be the first few hits that come up. There is a download link on the author's webpage that has the apk file.

    Can anyone verify this will run on the One X+? The port came out a few years ago so I'm not sure if it still runs on current hardware.

  2. JAy3001

    JAy3001 Well-Known Member

    Don't you also need the original "wad" level files from the PC version to play this?
  3. SailingAway

    SailingAway New Member

    No, just the apk file from the author's website and the pako.pk3 file from the PC demo installation of the game.

    The website lists instructions for installing to the Android phone. It's basically just installing the apk file, manually creating a quake3 directory on the phone and manually copying the pako file to it.
  4. JAy3001

    JAy3001 Well-Known Member

    Well I can confirm it seems to work lovely. Very smooth with 5 players in the second arena. Problem I have is that I cannot move and shooting is tricky. :-\ It seems you need a trackball or keyboard controls to move, unless you can advise otherwise.

    I was running it in power saving mode btw.
  5. SailingAway

    SailingAway New Member

    Thanks for verifying it still works. Moving and shooting was always a bit difficult while using the on-screen thumb controls (left thumb to move and turn, right thumb to aim and shoot). Not sure if you can do anything about this other than practice.

    Were you able to connect to online multiplayer games?

    How high a resolution were you able to use in the game settings and does the graphics cover the entire screen on the phone?
  6. JAy3001

    JAy3001 Well-Known Member

    There are no onscreen thumb controls visable. All I can do is look around and shoot!

    Resolution wise I can go upto: 2048x1056

    Online, I can list the servers. However when I installed the demo I choose not to install punkbuster, so I don't think I can connect to them. I could create my own tho.

    Edit: 95% of the screen, bar the three dots in a black bar area that act as a button, yet do nothing.

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